Matching ARC Ref. 3 preamplifier and BHK Signature 250

Hello from Italy!

What do you think about topic name?sorry_gif

I’m afraid it couldn’t be a good match, and I can’t afford to change preamplifier too…wink

These are ARC Ref. 3 data:

Gain: 11,6 db

Output impedance: 600 ohms; 20Kohms minimum load and 2000 pF maximum capacitance

Rated outputs: 2V RMS into 200 K ohm balanced load

Thank you very much!



I was using an Audio Research Ref 5SE with the BHK Monos before swapping them out for the BHK Pre.

I thought the ARC 5SE complemented the BHKs very well.

Thank you very much for your answer…and forgive me for the delay.

I listen to my system in balanced mode, so I was afraid gain could be too high…