Matrix spdif-2 vs EtherGen

I have a question for those of you who have both the Matrix and EtherGen in your setup and compared them: if you have to introduce only one of the two into your system, assuming you would use better/best cables to connect them to your
Streamer or/and PS DS, which one would yield best SQ improvement? I am thinking to get the Matrix, but then the EtherGen’s been introduced recently so I am not sure which one to get first. Thanks

Do you mean EtherRegen?

Yes the EtherRegen, thanks for clarification.

My setup;
router> cheapo ethernet cable> Pink Faun LAN isolator> EtherRegen> Melco N1ZS10> Audioquest Diamond usb> Matrix> Audioquest Mocha HDMI> DIrectstream dac

Both are great upgrades but if one had to choose i’d go for the Matrix…

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I have both. Both do very different things. If it’s driven by budget and you only want to buy one, I’d go with EtherRegen as it impacts digital data into your system and improves the quality of the chain. I use the Matrix to create an I2S connection to my DSD. This is more a preference and I’m not sure if I gain a lot with it.

I use both as well and wouldn’t give up either. The EtherRegen erases any garbage preceding it upstream. So, I would go with that.

Today I now have both. It is not sucking I’ll tell you for sure.


I also have both and in my system they both provide significant improvements, the Matrix being the bigger factor of the two IMO. Of course the Matrix is also using two WW Platinum cables which the EtherRegen is not.

You can easily spend lots of money on Ethernet cables too. I imagine a Wireworld Platinum Starlight Ethernet cable could change lives. I’ll tell you if I get there. Right now I am using Inakustik and they seem nice.

I really don’t want to hear about the WW Platinum ethernet cables. :smile:

I’m currently using some Monoprice Entergrade cables but plan to place an order for an Inakustic this week, seems I have to get it from Canada though. Will probably just upgrade the EtherRegen ‘out’ cable.

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Congrats @aangen getting into EtherRegen club. Wish there would be welcome to the club like bootzilla did with Matrix. :smile:
Inakustik works well here too and i suggest to get one before ER also. I have now two Inakustik cat6 before ER and one cat7 after. They sound pretty close the same,i would say cat7 is a bit sharper and more resolution and keeps things better separated in soundstage. Cat6 is easier to bend,7 is really hard and will be a problem if tight turns are needed.
Cant go wrong with either one.

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I currently have two Inakustik Reference Cat7 Network Cables one to my Bridge2 and one between the EtherRegen and my Euphony server. I have two more on the way.

At this time I feel confident that I can live my life without buying Wireworld Platinum Ethernet cables even though I am absolutely certain they will bring on a sound that people would drive from miles around to hear.

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@aangen - please keep us informed about how you feel the additional Cat7 sounds on the input side of the EtherRegen vs whatever is there now. Thanks.

Do you have the contact to buy the Inakustik Reference Cat7 Network cable? Thanks

Will do.
I am doing all my data entry into Quicken for last year and I am seeing what I spend on Audio Gear. I will be able to see what I spent on Cables last year soon. I am frightened about what I will see.
I bought two Wireworld Starlight 8 Ethernet cables, 3M, for $300 each. They are now coiled up on the shelf, replaced by the Inakustik cables. I am not sure how I feel about that, what with two more on the way.

I sat in on a Wireworld demonstration where he started with a Wireworld Platinum Starlight 8 Ethernet cable, dropped to a Starlight, then to a Belden, then to a whoflungpoo cable. In each case you could here the sound diminish. Having said that, I’d love for a chance to compare the Starlight 8 to the Inakustik but at this time I am just going to believe that the Inakustik is better. I think I heard an improvement when I swapped them in. I think.

I’m hoping I think I hear a difference when I swap out my Monoprice with the Inakustik, I think.

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I also have both, and wouldn’t give up either.
I go single mode optical into ER --> SOTM 200Ultra -->Curios Cable USB --> Matrix --> I2S via wireworld plat HDMI --> DS DAC.

ER Powered by a 7V Linear Power Supply
SOTM and Matrix powered by 9V Uptone LPS 1.2.

I wouldn’t give any of this up. I’m done screwing around with digital.

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