Matrix USB Audio Cable

Anyone with experience or opinion on the audio qualities of the Matrix USB Audio cable?

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Hi @dabrown
The free cable that ships with it is fine, but Matrix 4 ft. cable that sells for $200 may sound significantly better. Personally, I use AQ Coffee USB cable with good results.

Thanks. The 4 footer that is $200 is the one I was referring to. Would be from a streamer (Euphony PTS) to an Auralic Altair G1.

I wonder where you get $200 price for 4 footer,as it is $99 at their website.

There was a time when I liked original Matrix usb cable in my setup very much and it balanced things nicely with my other cables in the system. Then I ordered this new latest model $99 usb and at first it was like nothing in between,sounded very nice. Then came the next day,and another and I didn´t like it anymore after a week or so. Lacked body,tone and texture compared to earlier model so I put it away.

But if you like to have nice sounding usb and relatively low price,look for Inakustik Referenz usb.

$99 for 1 meter and now $199 for 2 meter. Thought of the Inakustik as it’s highly regarded just takes so long to get coming from Germany.

Try this :

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Thanks for the link. Need at least a 2 meter and I believe Inakustik goes from 1.5 to 3 meter only. I’ve ask them for a quote and eta. Thanks again!

I know this is about USB, but this link to the wholesaler does not carry the Inaukustik HDMI cables… but caries their other cable products.

You should email or call this seller about the usb cable.