Which USB cable are you using with good results


I tried the USB input on the pwd a couple of times in the past but always preferred the bridge.

Now I have a new pc with i7 processor, 8 gig, ssd hdd and it is battery powered. (New macbook air)

Using audirvana plus and jriver as my playback software.

The sound is close now, but still prefer the bridge.

What I am using is a standard USB printer cable.

Want to upgrade the cable to a decent USB cable.

I would like to know if any forum members have good results with USB?

Which cable are you using and what is the length?

(I don’t want to start a discussion IF a USB cable technically can make a difference. There are enough discussions on the internet already between the believers and dibelievers)



I found Audioquest USB cables to be superior to the standard issue ones that come with computer peripherals.


The only nice USB cable that I have tried was the Nordost. I did not care for it because, in my system, it seemed to accentuate a grainy quality in the sound.


I have not done a comparison of quality cables, however, my Wireworld Ultraviolet is clearly superior to a cheap generic.



did you use a specific audioquest cable?

I read good things about the audioquest carbon cable.

should I use a 75 cm cable or the 1,5 meter cable?

Also the Wireworld gets good reviews.

And the mapleshade clearlink. But I cannot try that one before I buy, because it is not available in europe.


The Clarus Crimson Cables sound excellent. I can vouch for the IFi cables as well.


I use the Audioquest Diamond, .75mt My understanding from speaking with a few industry types is that shorter is better.

If you are in the USA you could borrow a few from The Cable Company and decide for yourself



thank you erik.

I live in Holland, but my dealer does Audioquest so it will be possible to test them. Did you try the Diamond together with the coffee and the carbon?


I prefer the Transparent Premium with Empirical Audio’s Short Block over Audioquest Diamond or the Bridge, more analogue for me. Best cheap cable I tried is Belkin Gold for $5-6.


Freek- Nope bought it based on the reviews ( all outstanding) and the recommendation of Gordon Rankin, of Wavelength Audio


I have several hi quality USB cables.

The most expensive is the audio quest diamond. It uses two triple a batteries that connect to the cable . I have no idea what it is for. The cable sounds very good. I also have wire world cables the flat purple ones.

Also I have one from imperical audio it came with the offramp. When using the offramp with the short block

I cannot tell one cable from another. Without it. The three I hAve compared stock ones there is a small change . It’s a cleaner sound with the better ones. I feel if you use a good USB converter it does not matter .

Just my two cents



I use the Audioquest Carbon to connectmy Logitech Touch and was very surprised by the difference it made. Mine’s a 1.5 meter.



Won’t it be great if, as Ted mentioned, front end cables become much less important with the new DS.

This will be interesting to experiment with.


Getting rid of some of these “Hi-End” cables would help greatly in paying for the DS upgrade kit.

Of course, I want to know what brand coat hangers Ted’s been testing the system out with. :-))



Just to give you an idea: I use all USB2 devices with stock USB cables. I first use a cheapo 25’ active usb cable extension so I never accidentally pull a cable out, then a 4 port cheapo Belkin hub. Out of that hub goes my music library on two 2T USB powered portable drives and a cheap cable to a Toshiba USB Docking station. The docking station has two levels of USB hubs in it and I use the Ethernet out of it, my USB oscilloscope, my USB MicroChip ICD3 for uP development, my USB for the NuWave Phono Converter, my M2Tech HiFace Two USB -> S/PDIF converter, some other USB crap and finally the USB for the DirectStream.

I keep reading people saying you need to put your music library on … drives and, if they are USB connect them directly to you computer. I read that you shouldn’t share your audio USB circuit with other USB devices, especially any USB disk drives. …

To heck with it. Plug things in how it’s convenient and enjoy the music.

Perhaps I should admit that I can see the scope packets on the scope when I use the scope so the USB chain does make some difference. I only hear it with extremely soft music or when I turn the volume way up when debugging. Things like the refrigerator upstairs, fans on computers in other rooms, etc. are much more significant.


This sounds good. Now I am also hoping the P10 ,s would negate power cable .? Any thoughts on this .



Not thoughts from me :slight_smile: In my personal system I have a raft of power cords and various power cord accommodations that I search thru every time I add or change equipment. I can sort of predict what cord will work with what, but often I am surprised. I tried to have the power cords not matter at all for the DirectStream, but tho I’m not embarrassed at the differences they may make I wasn’t quite as successful with them as I was with input cables.


Ok thanks for the honesty.