Matrix X-SPDIF 2

So does anyone have their matrix plugged directly into a p10 using a wallwart ? And has anyone compared that vs using an LPS?

I use a single IFi iSilencer3.0. Should I get 3 more for my MacMini? And also buy a iPurifier3?


Ted, do you have advice on USB filters like the IFi iSilencer?

This would make a good new topic.

I think you will get more mileage from the iPurifier. I have used Jitterbugs in parallel on my laptop, and the change is subtle.

Agreed. It seems that this thread on the Matrix X-SPDIF2 has wandered a bit from the topic.

Satisfied with my Matrix powered by 9V iFi iPower plugged directly into a P10 (Audioquest Diamond USB & Audioquest Mocha HDMI).

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I am powering the Matrix from
element H USB 3.0 interface via a 8.2 volt power supply using the USB cable shipped with my Matrix. The Matrix is connected via the I2S to my Stellar Gain Cell DAC with a WireWorld Starlight 5.2 HDMI cable. The Element H.USB 3.0 interface is all inside a DELL XPS desktop computer with
In the slot next to the Element card and
On each fan.
On every drive within the Dell is a
All the wall wart power supplies that power the switch, modem router and external hard drives were replaced with a low noise linear power supply. The computer and this supply are on a AC line that is separate from the digital and analog feed to the system. The 8.2 volt linear power supply for the Matrix is on the digital AC line. I can not believe the sound that I get from the Stellar Gain Cell DAC, getting the noise lower in the source and removing all the switch mode power supplies pay huge dividends in the overall sound. The imaging, tone and ambient cues really benefit from a very dark background which only comes from removal of noise. The one thing I will say is the burn in time for this took a while. The Stellar Gain Cell DAC has made me a huge digital fan, and although I am looking to move up in the DAC department I could really live with this system, it’s quite musical!


Does anyone think the IFi iSilencer USB is worth it? It is recommended to plug one into each usb port to lower noise even on used ports. So I would need 4 for my mac mini.

And if I did, with the Matrix reclocking to dac would I still get SQ improvement form a iFi iPurifier3 USB?

I have 4 of the iSilencers on my PC. And yes, they do make a difference. Theirs goes more internal though. “cleaning” the BUS noise from within. I also have iPurifier3 and a iGalvanic. Both of which made a big difference once in place. I found that the better sound quality was putting the iPurifier at the Matrix as opposed to the iGalvanic.

All just band-aids though. Need to get off PC/MAC altogether, which I will be doing in just a couple months. Gonna buy a Auralic Aries G2, and then wait for the PS Audio OCTAVE…

Much of the noise from a PC or Mac is from the shitty power supplied they run. My mac mini was converted to run an external power supply. SO that lowered the noise alot. Also 2 SSD, and maxed out ram didn’t hurt.

I have tried that combo (both with the Matrix powered by USB & Uptone 1.2) and find my USB chain much better: Innuos MKII SE>tX-USBultra>.DS Sr. More body & weight

I hope so. It’s a heck of a lot more $$ than my mac set up. LOL

Well, a couple of friends and I tried a friend’s Innuos MKII SE with a SoTM tX-USBultra with a sCLK-OCX10 Reference Master Clock to the DirectStream USB. Then we compared that to my sonicTransporter i5 to ultraRendu to Matrix X-SPDIF 2 to DirectStream I2S.

The ultraRendu setup costing about 1/20th the price sounded the best and most like analog while still providing detail and clarity. The Innuos setup sounded more digital and was not as smooth as the ultraRendu setup.

I am don’t understand why the Innuos would need the SoTM USB signal regenerator since it is supposed to have great USB and I really don’t get the use of these stupidly expensive master clocks. Anyway, that setup is a wast of money.

Opinion. I also tried the SonicTransporter. Far inferior to the Innuos IMHO. I don’t use master clocks. SoTM makes great products and the TX would improve usb transmission on any server

Curious on everyone’s thoughts…

I’m getting my Matrix next week, and I have several options to power both it and my current SOtM SMS 200.

I currently have one MK 1 Sbooster 9v (with ultra) that is currently powering my SMS 200.

I also have one iFi 9v wall wart that is powering my router, but I was considering using it in my new setup.

So, would it be better for me to put the Sbooster with the Matrix I’m getting and use it with the ultra (that I’m not currently using), and then use the iFi with my SMS 200 streamer? Or would it be better to do the opposite and use the Sbooster with the SMS 200 like I’m doing now and then use the iFi with the Matrix?

Or, should I forgo the iFi altogether and look for a better power supply to match the Sbooster regardless of what I decide to do?

I know preference, system dependent, etc…but would still love to hear everyone’s advice. Thanks!

I know that this advice is going nowhere, but why don’t you try the
uptone LPS1.2 to power the Matrix? Just forget about the wall warts. They honestly don’t cut it. By the way, your setup is confusing at best. -Sorry for being blunt.


Uptone LPS1.2 (set at 9 volts) with a fancy power cable here. I’d do it again the same way.

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It doesn’t sound like you tried the sonicTransporter i5 over Ethernet to a quality streamer (like an ultraRendu) then to the DirectStream’s I2S input using the Matrix.

Regardless, the Innous was nothing special at all in our back to back tests when compared to the setup I described over Ethernet.