USB isolators and cleaner devices

Starting a post where people can offer there set up, tips, experiences with USB addons like the AudioQuest Jitterbug and IFi iSilencer and the like. Do they work? Help? SQ changes? Good or bad.

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The Wyred4Sound Recovery, iFi power supply and curious cables are the best usb cable I’ve heard. Even better that the Wireworld Platinum and Light Harmonics LightSpeed.

Does anyone think the IFi iSilencer USB is worth it? It is recommended to plug one into each usb port to lower noise even on used ports. So I would need 4 for my mac mini.

And if I did, with the Matrix reclocking to dac would I still get SQ improvement form a iFi iPurifier3 USB?

The only real way to know is to try. There are so many variable, your not system, your ears, your room, your tastes, etc. Just buy from a place with a good return policy. The changes will be subtle. I use a W4S Recovery with my Matrix because I like the subtle shift in tone, it’s a little less bright. Tim over in the Matrix forum has the same W4S Recovery and removed it because he feels it deadens the Matrix sound. There’s often no right or wrong to any of this, depends solely on what sounds good to you.

I ordered 3 more IFi iSilencer USB ( so I can install in each usb port ) from Amazon. Should have tomorrow. I’ll wait until I try before I try a iPurifier3 USB. I can’t see how that will help since the Matrix reclocks itself??

The Intona USB 3.0 Isolator made a significant impact in my system. It is highly recommended by me.

I should also note that their customer service is impeccable. I was an early adopter (S/N #2) prior to the mainstream release. I encountered an issue with intermittent ‘pops’. Intona immediately addressed my concerns and sent out a new unit with updated firmware to resolve the issue. That is more than I can say for PS Audio where it took me getting Paul involved to get an advanced replacement on my $10,000 P20 that was DOA.

Intona is also validated in its design per Audio Science Review, unlike some competitors. Note that this is their older generation device, not the new line:

Hi Darren, did you experiment with the iSilencer and/or iPurifier? Notice any difference?

Yes i have 4 of them on my Mac Mini server. I found they helped eliminate a bit of noise from the Mac. I get zero noise from my PSD Audio dac

Thanks Darren. The Mac I use is an old iMac dedicated to music only, so I’ll only need one. But I’m also going to go with the people who say “plug it in and if it’s quieter, keep it, if not, send it back.” But then again, I might “invent” some noise to justify the toy.