Matrix X-SPDIF 2

Not sure ai follow since it was UsB an is being converted to another digital data stream. I assume you desire i2s into your DS which most find to be appealing.

It’s been a week so far without my matrix. I’m waiting for a new I2S so it’s OOS. I’m running a WW Platinum Silver Starlight 8 USB direct into my DSD from my Auralic Aries. The sound is better than I expected but IMO the sound with the Matrix seemed a little more airy and guitar strings sound more natural. Maybe I’m crazy. New I2S please come soon!


I’m auditioning a Wireworld Silver Sphere HDMI between my Matrix I2S and my DS Sr. and I’m really liking what I’m hearing over my AQ Mocha. Not quite night and day, but far more natural and refined. Bass detail and weight is excellent. Clean overall and tonally well balanced.

$300 retail. I’m thinking it’s a keeper!


I have tried 4 HDMIs on my matrix. None were dissatisfying. But trial as many as you can without buying. The variation is wide and you don’t know better until you hear it.


I settled for the Pangea Audio HD23PC Premier SE HDMI Cable 6% Silver Plate (0.6 Meter) for my Hermes to DS. Other more expensive cables sounds good however I like the detail this one give me.

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Has anyone compared the Matrix X-SPDIF 2 with Aurender N100C coaxial output? I’m wondering if having the Matrix between the Aurender and DirectStream Jr. would have better sound quality.

Aurender N100C → Coaxial → DirectStream Jr.
Aurender N100C → USB → Matrix → I2S/HDMI → DirecStream Jr.

Definitely, converting the signal to I2S with the Matrix is a whole lot better than any of the other outputs. I had an Aurender N-10 and the Matrix made a huge difference, but you need an extra HDMI cable.

If you are going to fall into this rabbit hole, you will have to get something like a Shunyata Sigma USB cable, a Dragon HDMI cable, and a Farad Super 3 LPS for the Matrix and then it will knock the SQ out of the ballpark!! And you will be able to play hi rate DSD which also is really nice.

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Good to know that Matrix with I2S is better than other outputs, even on the Aurender N10!
But I’m not sure I want to go down that rabbit hole of ultra expensive cables. I was thinking something more modest:

  • Nordost Heimdall USB (I have an extra one around and the rest of my system has Heimdall 2 and Frey 2 cables)
  • Audioquest Carbon HDMI (previous generation; on sale for $60).
  • iFi Power X.

Even with those modest cables and LPS, putting the Matrix in your system is still a lot better than without. You should hear it right away. Just be aware it can get even a whole lot better with better cables and LPS. Take your time and save for those upgrades.


Just saw this on the sonore site:

ultraDigital are back in stock and shipping next week. The new ultraDigital is USB bus powered to reduce the number of boxes. Also, the new ultraDigital has a switch to turn off/on the 5V output on HDMI pin 18. Listening to the new ultraDigital here it sounds awesome when paired with a Rendu because of the attention the Rendu series gives to the USB bus power.

For those that don’t know, this is sonore’s version of the matrix. I like the idea of eliminating a power supply. In my case, I could use the fancy power supply (farad) connected to my matrix for the copper to fiber digital converter feeding my optical Rendu (I use the eitherRegen). Might pull the trigger on this.

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Even a better sounding solution is the Denafrips Hermes DDC. It includes state of the art power supply and OCXO Clocks.

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Does anyone have the denafrips yet? I’m waiting to read a review.

I am not convinced that the Denafrips is better than the Matrix with the Farad LPS.
Unless there is someone out there that has compared the two and let me know about it.


We had a A/B session with Matrix and the Hermes last week with a few friends and hands down it was no competition… Hermes was the clear winner by all of us.

Hermes review:

Thank you I just saw the thread. I missed it before thank you.

We had a A/B session with Matrix and the Hermes last week with a few friends and hands down it was no competition… Hermes was the clear winner by all of us.

Was there an external power supply used with the Matrix? The Matrix sounds way better with the tricked out Farad Super 3 LPS connected.

Yes. We used a R-core transformer / MOSFET regulated based power supply. Same type I have been using on the DSD.

All-discrete topology.
Single-pass, series regulator design.
No IC (integrated circuits) are used. This allows complete design control over all operating points and parameters for superior performance.
Low noise, high PSRR

That’s not the same as a Farad, but OK, this Hermes is interesting and may be something to look into for those with a Matrix or looking into getting a Matrix. And if it’s truly better, then it’s a no-brainer.