Matrix X-SPDIF 2

NEW development. I must share.

Removed Matrix from system… it sounds BETTER *head-scratch

I had:

  • Sonore Reference Optical SE > Inakustik USB > Matrix (Uptone LPS 1.0) > WireWorld SilverSphere IIS > DSD Jr

But it just doesn’t sound as natural, open, or ‘right’ as:

  • Sonore Refernce Optical SE > Inakustik USB > DAC

Maybe its the LPS? Maybe its the WW silversphere? It sound brighter and definitely less natural. I was definitely NOT expecting that! :o

Wondering what will happen when my RAL and Hypsos get here … hmmm (perhaps the Hypsos will boost my EtherREGAN SQ?)

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That’s very unusual. The Matrix should help noise and jitter reduction and make cleaner and clearer sound. If your system is on the bright side already, the Matrix can augment that effect. Have you tried a warmer sounding HDMI cable? The RAL cable might not work for you since it is also more on the clear and brighter side. The good news is If the RAL cable doesn’t sound good for you, you can easily resell this cable as a lot of people would love not having to wait for this cable.

I don’t consider my system bright.

Tekton DIs with silk dome tweeters, BHk250 and BHK PRE. Cerious Cables. Nothing here really screams bright.

Oh yes, I bet I can sell the Matrix and RAL combo and get back basically the retail value. But I’m still optimistic, perhaps with a better LPS things will improve?

My only other thought is that the Sonore Signature Rendu SE is THAT good where there isn’t much jitter at all.

You have an outstanding system. The rest of your system is definitely not the problem. Maybe the better LPS and RAL cable will make your system all come together and blow you away. The Sonore Signature Rendu SE is what @aangen uses. Maybe he can shed some light on that component.

Best wishes

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Appreciate it. Cheers.

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I think it’s the Uptone. I think they go off. I found the same thing after I used an Uptone for about a year. Upgrading to a Farad soon fixed that.

Update on my experiments with USB cables. The main contender is the Shunyata Omega, which easily beats the Sigma (and it should, given the price difference).
I am currently auditioning a Jorma reference. Jorma is the sister company of Marten, the Swedish loudspeakers. So far I prefer the Shunyata.
I am still waiting for the Chord Sarum T and ChordMusic.
With Covid and Brexit, crossing the channel seems to take forever.

Hmmm, patient, I must remain, if musical nirvana I want to reach :wink:.

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Inakustik is popular among many

Just added the LPS-1.2 into my Matrix - DS DAC - headphone system earlier today. Wow what an unexpected improvement in sound quality! Years ago I had an Iso-Regen and LPS-1 with my speaker system. While I “thought” I could hear an improvement with the Iso-Regen, I could never discern a sound difference using the LPS-1 or the stock wall wart. But the LPS-1.2 into the Matrix has really transformed the sound to the upside. Using the WWPS (1M) HDMI for a couple days now, the sound is definitely cleaner with a bit more extension at the extremes without any high-end graininess. The LPS-1.2 has added weight to the music but has not decreased the clarity. In fact, it may have polished the notes a bit. The bottom end has really improved too. I don’t know the technical reasons why, but I am enjoying it immensely.

My analogy to describe the changes I have heard is this. Imagine a page of the conductor’s score from a complex symphonic passage, maybe a full orchestra allegro movement of Wagner’s. Originally what I was hearing was equivalent to that page of many individual notes looking like a high-quality, hand-scribed copy in black ink (seemed great to me at the time!). Add the Matrix and I now see a 300 dpi printout on 20 lb / 92 brightness printer paper – much better compared to the original. Add the WWPS HDMI and it changes to a 600 dpi printout on 24 lb / 96 brightness paper. Noticeably better! Finally, with the LPS-2.1, its 1200 dpi on 28 lb / 100 brightness photo-quality paper. Itchy-Owee what a beautiful presentation. Irrational exuberance? Maybe. But I’ve gone from being Happy (H) with the sound to being H^3. Thanks for all your helpful guidance and suggestions.



I could not find any comments in regard to keeping an LPS-1.2 on all the time. I am wondering if your experience is that it sounds best always powered on and warmed up. Or if powering it on/off daily would be better to maximize component life. I currently have my LPS-1.2 positioned on its side and it is quite warm to the touch but nowhere near what I would consider hot. The temperature appears to remain constant whether I am listening to music or not. Thanks.

Powering it on and off will probably shorten it’s life instead. It’s like a light bulb. When you shock it with a sudden surge of current by turning it on and off, it doesn’t last as long as if you just leave it on all the time.
I always leave my two Farad’s on all the time. One is 7v which is cool to the touch and the other is 9v which is slightly warm to the touch. They are meant to be on all the time with no power switches. When they fail, it’s time to upgrade anyway. Always looking for something better. Bad habit.


Went ahead and got the Hypsos for the Matrix. I Figured it would help me choose the best voltage. So far so good. Will see what exact V the matrix likes.



Please let us know what sound quality differences you notice with the Hypsos.

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Well, so far here is what I’ve found:

Matrix + Hypsos + WW silver sphere > no matrix

Hypsos 8.5V > 5.5-6.5v (more body and ease to the music)

Truly great


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