Matrix X-SPDIF 2

I guess I’ll have to give that a try.

@Vmax, yep. Checked and double checked. :man_shrugging:

I think I’ve got bigger problems. I replaced the ultraRendu with my Logitech Touch. Not sure if that can inherently drive the Matrix via USB, but on startup it just spins at “DAC not connected”. The LED on the Matrix, as it did when hooked to the UR, remains in Standby.

This may sound elementary but ensure the ii2s1 or ii2s2 input correctly selected on DS touchscreen that matches the input the HDMI cable is plugged into on your DAC. . I have been guilty of that mistake myself a few times doing connect by blind feel.

Maybe a bad USB cable?

Make sure the Rendu app (I assume you can see it on your network) is in DLNA or RAAT mode as applicable to your situation (I switch back and forth regularly). Note, the DSD will show no I2S connection until something is successfully played. This has concerned me in the past but always shows green once a song or test file is played.

GO @Vmax! You were right on target. :grinning: :+1: Bad cable. What’s odd is that cable had been in place and not touched since I had had the whole thing working with 2.6. But thanks for the suggestion!

Also thanks @amsco15. I’ll keep that in mind.


I’m no longer using my Matrix and Farad LPS if anyone is interested. The Farad is the US 115 volt input and 7 volt output Super3.

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Ok so curious what did you find with the Lumin → DSD vs Lumin->matrix->DSD. I am getting the Lumin U1 Mini and DSD, but not sure if I really need the Matrix. I see you are selling the matrix. The DSD I have will have the Bridge II card installed. So dont need it, but have read good things.

Is your Farad is the US 115 volt input and 7 volt output Super3. still available?

No Farad is gone. Sorry I still have the Matrix.