Matrix X-SPDIF 2

Interesting, I’ve gone the other way and kept to JRiver MC28. I use it as my source for my Auralic G2. Do you notice any sq differences when you upgrade. What improvements do you find?

I hope there’s a chance you’ll also be able to hear this against a Matrix!

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I too would love to hear any response regarding the Iris and up vs Matrix… Thank you.

I don’t own a matrix. however I’m open to A/B one if someone has one nearby here and wants to participate.

This is what I use to run JRiver. It’s a solid mini PC with lots of shielding, very quiet and an external power supply that can be set far away from equipment. I store all my DSD ISO’s, DSF, and flac files on a 10tb NAS device in the other end of the building. It uses a M.2 drive and I use an external CD drive to playback CD’s which I do a few times a year. I find myself listening to one of the four free Radio Paradise streaming flac channels built into JRiver instead. I also use one without the WiFi option as ethernet is a much better way to connect to the network with less noise. Also JRiver can up convert everything to DSD64, DSD128, DSD256 and even DSD512 however I have yet to find a PC that can do DSD512 without issues. The only downside is that this, and most if any PC’s can’t output I2S. That’s what the DDC’s will do. I found that the best sounding version of JRiver is 26.0.101 (7/17/2020). I only use JRiver for audio so I don’t feel the need to upgrade to the newer version 28.

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Where’s nearby?

I don’t spend a lot of time with it after each upgrade. I just look to see if they finally add support for Qobuz and Tidal. They never do.

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JRiver developers say they will never support Qobuz and Tidal directly

Just use the JRiver iso driver to pass audio to your DAC and use the apps on the PC.

Baltimore / Washington DC area.

Darren was on today and said after some break in with the Innuos the sound was better without the Matrix. Tho I believe he never tried it with I2S. I use my matrix exclusively for I2S and DSD 256 on my Directstream dac. I’m not sure if that would make a difference with the Innuos Zenith.

Having a ZENith MkIII the Phoenix reclocker is my preference with WWPS7 USB in and out. PSA DS Sunlight for DAC. No experience with I2S as I don’t have a PSA transport, or Matrix.

He never mentioned what if any LPS he uses with the matrix. A better LPS matters as does voltage it is set at. I am almost embarrassed to say I like it at 9V now. Thanks @aangen whereas before it seemed best a 6 or 7.5V Changes i a system like DS mods change preferences.


Sounds like he was using it with the USB power. He mentions one could add an LPS but never said if he was using one.

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I caught Darren and Duncan’s podcast yesterday and learned of the Matrix X-SPDIF 2. Then I came here and learned some more. It sure sounds like a nice improvement for most people’s systems. I have an Aurender into my DS using an Audience AU24SX coaxial cable. I have a Curious USB cable laying around which I would use coming out of the Aurender to the Matrix. I need an HDMI cable from the Matrix to the DS. There have been a lot of great recommendations on this thread. I have a question regarding the Gbps rating - is 18Gbps fine for audio or should we be considering 48Gbps? Don’t need overkill if those speeds are for 4K video, etc.

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The 18 is fine. Though many like the new AQ 48 series especially the Dragon. You will get more satisfaction from the audiophile ones. RAlL,WW and AQ. I have used 20 to 30 Dollar cords and they were etched and ragged Highs collapsed sound stage but a bit better than USB straight into the DS.

I was just looking at the AQ 48 series. The Wireworld and RAL options seem most popular on this thread. If 18Gbps is fine, I might focus on the used market and save a few $$. Thanks @Vmax.

I have a RAL and WWPS7 the RAL is more live sounding but a long wait to get new. If you want a new WW wally at Underwood HiFi delivers fast.

I never used Underwood. For cables, I’ve worked with Ethan at the Cable Company. I liked the Cable Library concept and tried a bunch of cables before buying. The Cable Library has a large collection of USB, coaxial, speaker, etc. I’m not sure what the scope of the selection is for HDMI. I’ll have a look at Underwood too.

Press Wally and he will beat rest on WW. He doesn’t advertise his discount for them.


Hi Darren,

All of us Matrix tweakers and podcast fans want to know whether you have a LPS on the Matrix and if so what voltage it runs. Or are you using USB power for Matrix. We have found the LPS power voltage and model of LPS to matter. But we all understand the burn in and how things change. Also most of us are i2S input fans to our DS. Yes cable matters there too either a RAL or Dragon or next step below.