Matrix X-SPDIF 2

This is a great point. After the podcast I noted to Duncan I forgot to say that I will be trying the matrix with the Innuos using a custom LPS. The matrix pulls 500+mA, I believe, which is not a small amount of current for an internal DC-DC on the Innuos motherboard.

I am using a Diamond USB cable with a WEL AES/EBU. I do have a Dragon HDMI that’s breaking in and will report on all of these changes/upgrades shortly on the podcast!

Thank you SO much for listening!


Hi Darren

@DarrenMyers Thanks for updating us. If your custom LPS is adjustable try 6V or 9V. I used to like 6V after lowering noise floor with other DC Cable and LPS tweaks and DS transformers, analog LPS and EMI/RF absorption internal per Ted. 9V is winning to power Matrix. Cannot wait to Hear the Dragon HDMI results.

Also you need to have Ted on to talk Digital!

Love your Podcast. Please tell Duncan to retract using windex to clean solder joints will cause ammonia to attack silver solder and fast. Lol.


Vmax - thanks for that input, pun not intended. I’ll try 9V and will report shortly on the Dragon HDMI.

I will pass that on to Duncan and we do plan on having Paul and Ted on shortly, so stay tuned!


I just received the X SPDIF 2 and wanted some help on setting the toggles. I am using the Matrix between an Aurender N100C and the Directstream DAC using USB into the Matrix and I2S into the Directstream. I stream Qobuz and PCM CD’s ripped to the Aurenders hard drive. Based on this set-up and listening preference should any of the three toggles be set to the on position?

No, just leave them all in the off position. I have tried switching the Dop to Native switch on and off and found no audible differences so I just leave it in the off position also. That’s what Ted Smith advices also.

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@waymanchen11 Thanks for the advice.

Hi @waymanchen11
When leaving the switch in the off position, wouldn’t it turn all DSD playback into DOP?

There is no difference between dsd and DoP. It’s just a different wrapper protocol of the same data. It’s like the difference between a file that is compressed with either zip or 7z format. The uncompressed data is still the same.

In fact Ted has said the psa dac converts all dsd format data to DoP internally anyway.

Thanks for the info. I was under the impression it was all upsampled to single bit DSD!

Ted’s words:
“ The DS converts DSD and PCM to a superset of each: the sampling rate is at least the sampling rate of the input and the sample width greater than the sample width of the input. This intermediate format can be easily converted back losslessly to the original inputs.”
“ All PCM and DSD inputs are upsampled to 30 bit samples at 56.448MHz. Then that’s multiplied by a 20 bit wide volume which gives 50 bits at 56.448MHz. Then that’s downconverted to quad rate DSD (1 bit at 11.2896MHz) which is then reclocked and filtered to give the output.”

Yes, all that is true, but all DoP is is a transmission format wrapper for the dsd data. I.e. it’s still dsd even in DoP

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Hey Folks!
A couple question about the Matrix.

  • Anybody use it with a RaspberryPi as a Roon Endpoint via wifi?
  • If the RPi works, what the deal with the drivers?
  • Is there issues with getting Tidal and MQA files with the Matrix?

I currently go from the Pi to a Dennafrips DAC via USB.

Hi Serhan,

I think the wording in the manual could be a little clearer but I believe (and backed up with my experience) that when the switch is ‘on’ DoP input is unpacked to native DSD. When it’s ‘off’ the input bit stream is passed through ‘as is’ (either as DoP or native DSD). At any rate, a PCM bit stream is passed through ‘as is’, regardless of the switch position.

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Matrix does not need special drivers in linux , it’s standard USB2.0 async audio interface.

I’ve ditched all the MQA some time ago , but Roon core was able to do first unfold and if my DAC would have been capable to decode MQA incoming from Matrix i would thing also the second unfold would work but never tested as my DS DAC is capable of 2nd unfold only via bridge2 which i’ not using anymore.

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Thank you Mike.

With all switches (off) your DSD/DSF tracks will have the L/R channels swapped. PCM will play OK.
You can test with these tracks. These tracks also test for phasing issues which can take place if the pin configuration is not correct. (Download good for 7 days) I made these test tracks so no copywrite issues. Notice alternating tracks of .flac & .dsf files. I used them to properly setup the pin configuration on my new Denafrips Hermes DDC which I use to cleanup, re-clock and convert the USB output from my mini PC to I2s for the DSD. The Denafrips DDC’s need to be set to config #2 (only 96k LED on) for the DSD’s I2s input.


Thanks JK! These will come in handy.

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I have just changed my HDMI cable from an AQ Vodka to a Firebird.
Much more bass definition but the biggest surprise is the decay trails. When a guitar string is plucked, for example, I hear more and longer decay.

The cable is not even broken in……


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Thank you for the files. I checked it and L/R are correct for both DSD and PCM with all switches off position in my setup.

Roon Nucleus[USB out] — [USB in]Matrix Audio X-SPDIF 2[I2S out] — PS Audio DirectStream DAC [I2S input]

USB cable: WireWorld Starlight 8 USB 2.0 A to B
HDMI cable: WireWorld Silver Sphere HDMI


That’s good to know. Using the test tracks is the best way to make sure your DAC is receiving the correct I2s signal. My thoughts about the reversal of channels was based on the pin-out diagram I received for the I2s in the DS. Turns out it was wrong. I don’t own a Matrix. I ended up going a different route and purchased the Denafrips Hermes DDC as it has a better clock (FEMTO Precision Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator OCXO), Built in O-core transformer based power supply with plenty of regulators and other high quality components. It also accepts other input and output formats. I use AES/EBU in/out for my studio console and USB - for playback from the mini PC. It made a huge improvement in the sound stage and pinpoint imaging along with improved decay and attack. I feel it was a good move up based on reviews. Anyone in the Baltimore/Washington area with a Matrix are welcome to A/B these in my studio. I have a fully modified Directstream DAC (Edcore XS4400 transformers, External 12V R-core transformer/MOSFET regulated Power Supply.