Mcintosh amps and preamps

Just trying to understand, how do you view Mcintosh amplifiers and preamps?


So many models and configurations, but generally beautiful, smooth, lush sounding. Built to the highest quality standards, heirloom quality, high value retention. Fanatical following. Many models are highly collectable.


They are tolerant here of anyone who wishes to use them or any other gear. They mix well with PS Audio gear speaking first hand.

The equipment is reliable and holds its value well and you can get parts from their service

Like most gear if you’re willing to tweak it it can sound better and as good as some ultra hiend systems and equipment. Audio Excellence of Canada often compares brands

McIntosh does well when they do.


I have had integrated and pre / mono’s. I agree with RonP 100%. You really can’t go wrong in many respects. I do not agree they compare with (most) high end or certainly “ultra” high end but I guess that may depend on how you define those parameters. In short, to me anyway, not the last word in detail but in musicality, resale value and many other aspects, they are top notch.

One day when all this madness has passed and my system is sold I am betting a Mac integrated with a couple bookshelves and I’ll ride out my golden years lol.


From “back in the day” to present time, McIntosh has always had the “look” with brilliant product design and a marketplace leadership. Sound quality has always been top notch within a the upper end of the market. Their products have a level of refinement rarely found elsewhere.

I have had 2 McIntosh different amps for nearly 20 years. I really enjoy the sound and have no desire to switch.