McIntosh Labs sold again, and again, and...

I have been a McIntosh crazy for all my audio life. The Mac gene was inherited from my late Father who was President & Managing Director of the National Symphony Orchestra (NSO).

I currently use 4 x MC501’s to bi-amp Von Scheweikert VR5 Anniversary MKII speakers. I prowl AudioGon daily for a C500(T) Preamp, but they never show up. Must be a message in there somewhere.

We Mac crazies have weathered many a sale of this legendary company. Here we go again.

A piece of trivia: What was Jerry Garcia’s favorite amp? You can often see them behind the Grateful Dead during their live performances. That’s right! The MC3500 (aka The Woodstock Amp).


Well, at least it looks like they are in good company. Let’s hope for the best.

I to have coveted Macintosh gear for years. I was lucky enough to add their MC4200 amp into my system a few years back to power my Martin Logan Summits and have been extremely happy. I would like to add their C2300 tube preamp in a Theater bypass mode, but right now in my current situation that would just be decadent overkill of which I can’t afford.


At long last! I finally found a McIntosh C500(T) preamp on AudioGon. Joy! Well, maybe not. It is the 2nd owner, non-factory repair work, very early SN# production run, 1500 hours on tubes, plus the guy wants $300.00 for FedEx. Where is he shipping form? Beyond Saturn? So, no go.