MM Phono cartridge recommendation

My brother has a Technics SL-1210M3D turntable and he is looking to upgrade the cartridge from a Grado FTE3+ to something in the $400 to $600 price range. He doesn’t want a moving coil. I am thinking another Grado (timber series), Ortofon 2M Bronze or Soundsmith Otello. He doesn’t have a computer to get online so I am researching choices for him. Any suggestions as to what he might consider?

IMO, you can’t go wrong with the 2M Bronze, especially in that price range. I replaced an aging but beloved Sumiko BPS (the one bare armature model that preceded the EVO III) with the Ortofon in my VPI Scout, and it was a big improvement. I love everything about the cartridge, especially the fact that it punches well above its price point.

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