Moving on from my Linn Keilidhs

I have had a pair of Linn Keilidhs for over 20 years now. I have loved them, but lately feel like I could get something more out of modern designs. I love the warmth of the Linns, but the top end is a little bit muted. I run two REL t/i 5 subs with them which really opened things up. I power it all with M700 monoblocks and a BHK Pre. I have a large, pretty live room (I cant do much about the space) too.

I’ve mainly been looking at Tektons, & Elacs - but only online… there are no good stores around here anymore to try out decent gear.

I’m curious if anyone has experience moving from Keilidhs and what they chose - and if anyone has experience with Tektons or Elacs with ps audio gear powering them… which model did you get, what do you think? Is there warmth to them?

Thanks friends!

Sorry - I should mention that I’d like to spend no more than $4500 or so

Welcome, Dave!

Thanks Elk!

Hi Dave!

The Keilidh is a pretty good speaker, especially with the ku-stone bases.

With a large and live room, I’d try something like the Vandersteen 3(whatever version fits price-wise). Slightly warm, more open top end than the Keilidh, and much better suited to a large and live room. I finally had the chance to hear Tektons, and maybe it’s my flat earth Linn background coming through, but I found them disappointing. Have not heard the Elacs.

You could also try something like the Monitor Audio Gold 200 or a pre-owned set of Gold 300s. Or something like a Spendor floor stander.

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Thanks Robert, I really appreciate your thoughts - you bring up a couple more brands I hadn’t even considered yet. I’ve got a lot of research ahead :slight_smile:

Hope it helps!

I used to work at a Linn/Naim/Vandersteen/PSB/ProAc/Rotel store; hence the Vandersteen thought. Usually I’d also suggest ProAc, as I think they’d be terrific with M700s, but I think in your price range the Vandys would be a better value (particularly in a large/live room) and work similarly well with M700s.

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You know, one option I’d also consider (if I can find a place to try and return), especially since I have good bass with my two RELs, are some Magnepans - like maybe the 1.7i.

I’m curious if you or others have experience with these - the old ones I heard years ago in a shop were quite amazing, though I dont know what models they were or remember what was pushing them

I think they could be well worth a try, but it’s been a LONG time since I’ve heard Maggies . . .

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