Considering m700 monos to replace 10watt class A tube power amp

Hi everyone. New to the forums here. I recently moved from an apartment to a much larger house. My listening area has nearly doubled along with higher ceilings. I used to be really happy with my system in a near field setup but now my system just sounds “ok”. Sound stage seems smaller, less detail, less bass, an overall much less engaging experience.

I thought maybe the larger room is just too much for my tune amp. It’s a Dannis Had kt150 Firebottle pushing Salk Songtowers with ribbon tweeters. I’ve been reading a lot about the speed and control of solid state amps in the low end, and I have been thinking that would be something to explore in this larger space.

I added a subwoofer today and that helped a great deal, but still not hearing the layering and separation that I had enjoyed some much in the small space.

Any feedback is much appreciated!

As a diehard tube-lover my suggestion. . . see if you can audition a few pairs of more efficient speakers. :slight_smile:

I don’t have tube amp experience to compare but I am using a pair of M700s paired with Salk Supercharged SongTowers in a fairly large room (my living room) and I love both the amps and the speakers.

The M700s breeze through anything I throw at them with control, clarity and a great sound stage. I’m pretty convinced that the M700s performance is well above their price point.

I’m a big fan of Jim Salks work too.


The KT150 is excellent. Try playing around with repositioning the speakers.

@RonP I love the amp and always thought it’d be one of the last things I’d switch out. I can do some minimal speaker rearrangement. They are in the main living room so placement is limited somewhat by WAF. I have a smaller room that I’ve consideredoving the system into, but my family says they’d never see me again if I put the stereo in there :slight_smile:

Good luck on your large room adventures, they definitely are a beast when it comes to getting an expected level of sound quality back after transitioning from a smaller room.

My living room stereo plays into a 1500sqft floor space and nearly 15,000cuft space. My previous set of towers sounded great in my previous houses and still today sound amazing in my father’s home theater space, but sounded far less than adequte in my current space.

I ended up needing to add quite a few sound absorption panels and switch to controlled directivity horns to get back the sound I was expecting. A strong bass response is key so adding a subwoofer is a good start.