MQA and what is best way with Roon

Neil thanks for the MQA reminder. I did have a MQA question. Roon supports it fully and I do not have an issue with MQA rendering etc… but with my Sonroe which does NOT support, Roon does this lifting for it. My question is there a difference? Does one MQA decoder/renderer do a better job than another? I am hoping I am not loosing anything here. My DAC is the PS Audio Directstream, and I do have the network card for it, but was going to sell that. Guess I could compare the two, but wondering what others who know more about what MQA does and if there is a difference. I would think I would trust roon to do it right and it sounds wonderful…

Roon only does first unfold to Sonore UltraRendu. You DS needs a bridge2 for full MQA. Then you don’t need roon. Roon First unfold is not bad if you do the other DS tweaks of matrix and i2S.

Some say Bridge 2 is noisy including Ted. I trust Ted. It all depends on your tweaks. Qobuz is usually better than Tidal and cheaper too. I run both but Qobuz 95 percent.

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Bridge II decodes MQA all the way upto 24/192 which is very good. A few recent Tidal albums show MQA 24/352.8 which Roon sees but Bridge/DS DAC decode as 24/176.4 . However, sound quality is obviously better that the other formats.
Currently, I am using Bridge only (unplugged Matrix XSPDIF 2 and the I2S cable) but with the addition of two network enhancers, namely Melco S100 & ADOT. So far, so good.
I got Tidal on 50% discount for the next 12 months, hard to refuse!

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