Mulit Channel DS?

Any plans or chance of a mulitchannel DS? Say 8 channels and 16 channels for theater?

Not at the current time. Some of us run multiple DSs (or a mix of DSs and DS Jr.s) for MC.

Yeah a stack of 4 isn’t happening for me!

How do you connect multiple DS dacs together anyway so they would sync and you would use one volume control?

check out this thread…

If it’s not obvious we use a single MC source so things are sync’ed from that point of view.

Controlling them with one remote isn’t bad if you aren’t using the volume control. Using the volume control from the remote means they have to be close together physically. (At worst you can mute, run the volumes to the max and then go back near your normal levels and unmute, they’ll track if the DS’s aren’t too far apart.)

As to sample sync: I’ve made sure that the clock control algos in DSs and DS Jrs all follow similar trajectories with similar inputs and I sync the FIFO when an input starts or stops. Even if the clocks and FIFOs are out of sync, they converge when all of the inputs are at the same rate.


I have been executing this move for about 18 months
now. Outstanding results and very happy with it.
Take a look at and their I2S bridge.
The bridge takes care of everything. JRiver
recognizes the bridge; no drivers. The bridge allows
for up to 4 hdmi connections (which pass I2S) so you
can do 7.1 or even multiple subs/active crossovers if
you want. I run 5.1+1+1 with a Denafrips Terminator
on the mains, a Holo Lvl 3 on C/Sub and a Matrix X
for the surrounds. The PinkFaun guys are great. Not
inexpensive though and I did do some troubleshooting
for them.