Multiple DC-blockers

Removing DC is important. I’m calling it more important that most people are aware of.

It is certainly a very good sound improver regardless of the usual talk about hum in transformers. The benefit is so radical even if transformer issues have been noticed.

On this forum, a person tried to put an Isotek Syncro cable before a PS Audio power plant (which includes dc-blocker). He said it improved the sound coming out of the regenerator.

Most people have 1-1,5 v of dc on the line (sometimes more).

The most common tech to get rid of dc is dc-diodes (like a light) that starts to consume dc when the dc current is strong enough, usually 0,7v. This leaves all dc below 0,7v still untreated.

Other tech like IsoTek Syncro rebalances the sinewave but “my guess” is that that is just another way of describing diodes that consumes dc above 0,7 v thereby leaving a lot of dc to lower Audio performance.


  1. Have anyone tried to put more than one DC-blocking equipment before the stereo? (If so, was it better than using just one dc-blocker)

  2. Are anyone familiar with the different dc-blocking tech and can advise on how to get rid of all dc? (In a way suitable for high end audio)

Looking forward to learning more…


Very interesting thread, hope some experienced member can give us good advices!

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I asked Bing AI to explain all different tech used in high end audio dc-blocking (advantages/disadvantages/amount of dc left in AC) and it was a thorough read (6 different tech)

My guess…. The uneducated answer is that IsoTek Syncrobtech prior to a PS Audio power plant might be the best combo.

This thought is based up on the guess that IsoTek Syncro first removes DC via electrolytes capacitors put on two directions, then compensating for that common dc-blockings negative effects by rebalancing the sine wave (hence then product name and the internal schematics).

That leaves 0,7v dc, creates jitter/ripple (when the diodes/capacitors turns on and off 50-60 hz per second) and also provides some loss of current flow.

Putting an over sized P20 afterwards would compensate for the dc-blockers negative effect and improve P20 performance more than the blockers negative effects.

Most other dc-blocking tech seemed to my non skilled mind be more harmful to the sound, but others might know better.

Anyone that uses several dc-blockers?