Music is healing

I’ve been back at the Cleveland Clinic having ascending aorta repair and heart valve repair surgery for the past six weeks. I’m back in sunny California and I have a new appreciation for my sound system: DS DAC w/Bridge II, M700 amps and Magnepan 3.6 speakers. Being away from a good music system gives a new appreciation for quality listening. It sounds so good! and I’m convinced that good music is healing.


There is no question music helps healing. And more importunately it sounds like you are doing well.

The other sound which heals is a cat’s purr. (I want this to be true.)

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Is there any particular music you find pleasing or satisfying, or that resonates for you right now?

The typical harp noodling of a music therapist in a hospital would drive me nuts, but a friend of mine whose son had brain surgery told me it was exceedingly soothing for him, his wife, and his 10 year-old son as his son was initially recovering from surgery in the hospital. He is a musician who similarly would not have much patience for musical snorkeling otherwise.

oneartist, as one Cleveland area listener to another (?) I am so glad you are home and healing and yes, my system keeps me well and. . . sane! I can’t imagine my life without music.

Keep healing!


It’s funny the sun can be out all day in Cleveland and the high is 28 F. Where we live in California, if the sun is out all day we get over 65 F if not more. The Cleveland Clinic is the best.

Well, I live on the east side of Cleveland, in the hills, in the country really, and it’s sunny and 48 F. A lovely day. . . first “warm” day in a while. And the snow has almost melted everywhere!

The Cleveland Clinic is great. 21 years ago my Dad had heart treatment there and has had all his health care there since. I’ve been very impressed taking him to all appointments the last five years. . . and his primary care doctor is the best of such I’ve ever encountered. You were in good hands!

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There is an MQA album called “North Country” featuring Ola Gjeilo that is my favorite.

Ola Gjeilo is an extremely talented young composer. His Ubi Caritas is stunningly gorgeous. Here is a definitive performance (he worked with this choir extensively). Click

There are many wonderful settings of Ubi. it is wonderful to have a new excellent addition.

And, to my delight, I will be performing it in a couple of weeks. :slight_smile:

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In the North Country II Ola combines all the instruments and parts in an amazing, effective presentation that is totally unified as one. This is very rare and wonderful to listen to.