I don’t know what I would do without you all right now

This forum is now my #2 most visited site in my history because of both the subject matter and the positive vibe. Yesterday’s doctor visit didn’t go so well and this is where I come to feel better. Reading good people talking about equipment and music in such a positive way, especially given how negative every other site seems to be keeps me a modicum of sane and positive even in the face of not so great news.

Thank you.


Keep up the positive thoughts. I’m sending mine to you!

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Love having you here man! Thanks so much for everything you do. All of our thoughts are with ya. Whatever you’re working through, kick its ass!

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Sorry to hear the doctors didn’t go better, wishing you all the best with whatever you’re facing. I find all avenues of music incredibly healing, and having somewhere to share my passion is a godsent!

Much love to you, wishing you all the best :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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My brother was given 1.5 years to live around 5 years ago. Prostate cancer had metastasized to his spine and pelvis. He is still largely asymptomatic - you wouldn’t know he has it. So, don’t despair - you never know, and don’t believe everything they tell you.

Of course back then, they would be saying, “There’s only so much we can do” and now they’ll happily take credit for keeping you alive, both of which are not, strictly speaking, true.


Kind words…may we all be worthy of such praise…

Wishing you all the best and praying for same,


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Thinking wonderful thoughts for you, always.

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I look like a sea captain in a particularly twee
Decemberists song.

Cancer is an awful thing, but it brings out all the love we hide away.

Presuming I get through this, it won’t be hidden. Thanks to one of my dearest and oldest friends for the cap.


Aaarrrr - ye look good, matey!

Yeah - funny how we think it is a good idea to keep stuff under wraps.

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umiami91…God can and does work in mysterious ways…Keep the Faith! Prayer can be a most powerful way of cleansing one’s mind to see what goodness we can experience within the compounds of our spiritual nature. Peace to you.

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Healing waves on the way

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Elk - wouldn’t have taken you for such a Hipster! : )

We want pictures of you sending Healing Vibes, bruh. Otherwise, it ain’t real​:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::cowboy_hat_face:



@umiami91 - sending good vibes; sayin prayers for you…


Healing Elk, in moonlight:

I assume you are also familiar with the red elk Yakul and the powerful elk family forest spirit from Princess Mononoke. I have asked them for backup.


@umiami91 The hat is a classic! Hopefully you have a lot more time to enjoy this hobby and this group of people who for the most part really care for each other in a very un-internet way. There are a couple of flys in the soup but they don’t affect the taste enough to matter. We are all sending healing thoughts your way ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Brett - that pic reminded me of watching this Brit TV thing recently with Michelle Dockery of Downton Abbey fame. She’s SO much hotter in hippie-chick garb : )

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Sending Good Vibes - My Song

Have you watched ‘Good Behavior’?

Nope (watches trailer) Ooh - better still! Though frankly didn’t find her appealing at all in D.Abbey. So these were/are a pleasant surprise.

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