Music server from maker of "Fidelizer"

He makes a high end music server. He claims it is the best music server in the world. Saying it “smashes” The W20SE and Pink Faun. Well, of course he does he makes it. However does anyone know if this has any merit? does anyone here have any experience with his product? If you know me, you know I like to have the best music reproduction possible. So if this is true I would absolutely want this.

Is it true, however is the question? Given the tremendous improvement realized by fidelizer I have no reason to doubt him. However, before I lay down that kind of cash I would at least like some kind of review or something. Does anyone know of a review, or could anyone personally vouch for it? thank you

Are you talking about Nimitra and Nikola ?

No. He makes a much fancier one than that he does not advertise.