I never thought I'd even consider a music server, but


Ok, this will expose my extreme laziness, but here it goes.

I have a pretty damn good gaming PC, and I use it for pretty much everything, including as a home for my Rune core. When I play games, I close most all extraneous programs to free up system resources, including Rune. But dammit, if I don’t always forget to open Rune back up. Every time I go to listen to my system, I sit down and open up the Rune app on my phone only to realize I forgot to open Rune again on my PC. Uhhhg, and I have a really small apartment.

Any suggestions for a reasonably priced music server? It need not be “officially” a music server, as I really just need something to house my Rune core.


Just leave Roon running when not in use, it doesn’t consume enough resource to matter.

Otherwise, a NUC running ROCK is tough to beat for the money.


I was in the same situation as you. I bought a sonicTransporter i5 with a 2TB internal spinner for music storage and could not be happier. It has no fan so it is quiet and runs on a custom Linux that requires no direct interaction as you manage via a web GUI. Easy peasy!


You beat me to it. Just ordered a sonic transporter i5 under their Black Friday sale (got a 1 TB internal SSD for $100).


I’ve been very happy with my Pink Faun 2.16 from the guys in RHENEN, NL



I have been very happy w/ Roon Nucleus+ w/ 1TB Samsung 860 Pro SSD & AQVOX SE switch; however, next move in 3 years will be PF 2.16 or their best flagship at the time. It will have the present 3 independent low phase noise oscillators; improving them more as they wring out their oscillator hardware. Can’t wait for their next gen streamer. It will blow away my Nucleus+.