My Dad's P600 Multiwave - I have NO idea about it!

I am hoping the audiophile community can help me out. My father recently passed and we are looking to rehome his equipment. He has a P600 Multiwave and I am trying to find out more information about it. Is there a non-multiwave version? What IS multiwave? He had mentioned before that when he had a CD player plugged into it, he could sometimes hear the audio levels fluctuate. I wasn’t there to actually see exactly what he was talking about. Could this be an actual problem with the Power Plant or a settings issue? How much are one of these worth?

Thanks all.

The capacitors in the unit may be failing. PS Audio can replace them, though the cost of doing that plus shipping on an 80 pound item will not be inexpensive. The unit is easy to open and inspect. If you’re comfortable working on electronics, you could do the job yourself.
There were three versions : no multi wave, multi wave, and multi wave II. You may still be able to purchase the MW2 card.

Hi @kphu23,

My condolences for your loss.

The P600 is a Power Plant we manufactured around 20 years ago. MultiWave is an upgrade we made to the P600 that improves the way it provides power to an audio system. On the used market nowadays P600s tend to go for around $1,000.

Given the age of the unit, it might be in need of repair as peanut_butter mentioned. Please send me an email at - we’d be happy to diagnose and repair the P600 if needed, and if you want to sell it, I’ve got some thoughts on how to simplify that process for you.