P600 on Audiogon for 6 bucks?

Sounds like an unhappy camper.
Anyone know anything about this?

It’s a 20 year old piece why does there have to be a story? I would think he got his moneys worth.

Very good point. I wasn’t aware of the P600 age, and you are right - he got his money’s worth.
I wonder what a $1,000 repair/upgrade would do for it.

In my opinion, the money would be better put towards a last-generation P5 or P10. They learned a lot and made them much more energy efficient.

Seller didn’t indicate original M.S.R.P. Does anyone know what that unit’s retail price may have been 20 yrs ago?

$2200 with the multi wave option, $2000 without.



The credit towards the Stellar P3 sounds like a good deal to me for a piece that old. Far newer and better technology but I guess he assumed that they would just keep replacing or re-building boards for him. Would expect the parts for the repair have long been exhausted and no longer made.