My DIY speakers -"J&N"

The idea of hand-made/ DIY / loudspeakers was born in me, when I saw the model of JBL-tI6K . The design and fabrication of these unique shapes are made by a Danish designer. The pyramidal shape of the speakers is generally denied by the DIYers, or at least for the most part, but I decided at the moment that’s my loudspeaker design. If there is interest in the topic, I will continue ;


Welcome - looks like quite a challenge :slight_smile:

I’ll second the welcome and agree that looks like quite the project!

Thanks, joma0711, Baldy!
Before continuing with my topic, I am obliged / from bitter experience in DIYer forums circles /, to share with you the following:
My first name is Georgi / Joro-nickname /, from Sofia-Bulgaria, I am registered in over 20 DIY -Audio/ Speakers/ forums. I am 62 years old, Electrical engineer - High Voltage and I have no problem with narcissism, I try to pass, who are willing to create their own projects on my experience to those who wish.And if I succeed, to happen to at least one member in this forum, my mission will be completed in full.
Тhank you for your attention!
I apologize for my English is very poor, but I do what I can, i am sorry!


Did you make the woodwork? Why these speaker drivers?

Love DIY. Amazing sound in many many cases for small money. Many people don’t realize how much money is spent by the factory selecting and matching parts. It took me days to match the MOSFET’s and resistors for my own DIY amp. Sound is amazing.

No reason to apologize. I don’t speak any Bulgarian (or anything else but American English). There are people here from all around the world.


In order to save time, I will allow myself a clarification:
-Everything in this project-idea, design filters the overall workmanship of the cabinets to the last detail was done by my hands.


That’s fantastic! I think you’ll learn that there are many people on this forum with many impressive skills. I look forward to learning about your journey.

Did you also make the Center channel?

It will be a great pleasure to meet these people from the forum!
I’ll show you, how I made these speakers, supported with photos and with detailed information as possible. This project is a long time ago and some of the stages during their construction , I can not show them - I do not have the necessary material, but what is available, I suppose will be enough to provoke your interest.


@jororaitchev - Here’s a thread you may find interesting. It’s long. Towards the last 1/3 of the thread you’ll start seeing design specifications from the designer of Iconoclast cables. He is introducing a new cable type. There are several forum members who are testing these new cables.

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“Why these speaker drivers?”.All my projects are with these speakers, the best combination of quality and price / for me of course /!
The loudspeakers are;
“SEAS”- Excel / Tw-1”, Mw-5”for center 2х 5.5”, Bass-8,5”/ and cross-over parts- “Intertechnik”.
Nominal impedance- 8 Ohm.
Range 30Hz- 25kHz.
Characteristic Sensitivity(2,83V/1m)- 87db.
Long Term- 110W.


Thank you for the information, my cables are; QED Performance XT25 Bi-Wire,

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Welcome to a nice little corner of the world, jororaitchev. You found the right place. It’s pretty neat to find a place that you can intereact with the CEO of a major company, and once in a while, the wunderkind speaker designer. I have a bit of the DIY bug meself. I’d be intersted in some of your views on it.



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Thanks for the warm welcome!
If I have to be honest and if i really talk with the the right one person you pretend to be, I have had similar conversations and personal invitations in others DIY-Audio forums, , even invitations for emigration.
I will help you in any way I can, this is actually my mission.


Gentlemen, thank you for your attention!
I’ll show you, how I made these speakers, supported with photos and with detailed information as possible. This project is a long time ago and some of the stages during their construction , I can not show them - I do not have the necessary material, but what is available, I suppose will be enough to provoke your interest.
At first, I had to figure out how to bend MDF plates. In the internet now has a very detailed material on how this process is being carried out with complicated multi-operative press machine, but 2009 this information was scarce and irrelevant to me because, its clear I can not make a similar device at home.
For this purpose, I made this “Home Matrix” ;

for the center ;

On these matrices I bended 8 layers of 4mm MDF. The adhesives I’ve used will be discussed at a later stage;

I have a limit, that’s for now.


I can already tell that I am going to enjoy this thread.

I have no idea if I’m breaking the rules, I’m sorry if so, but I have a difficult project for the next few days and I want to finish the topic.

The filters are positioned in this way;

My initial idea was, for a bass speaker 6.5 “, but once I assembled the pilot model and measured the internal volume of the cabinet, found that I had enough reserve even for a 10” speaker. I decided at this stage to use 8.5 ".
This is the first option;

To be continued…


I am, and this forum is, what we seem on the surface. I am a retired conductor on the railroad, an amateur audiophile, and DIYer, and a bit of a smartass, but only in fun. If you have any interest in seeing what I look like, do a search on Youtube for JP Stacks. This was at a speaker building competition I entered in Dayton Ohio. Your speakers would have done very well at the contest. The forum is what it seems to be. A place for audiophiles to exchange ideas, humor, and fellowship with like-minded people. The forum is provided by PS Audio, one of the top stereo companies in the world. There are a lot of great, very nice people on the forum, and you can count on being treated with respect, and we will not ask you to emigrate, or to share anything you don’t want to. Watch for Paul ( the CEO), and Chris (the wunderkind) I spoke of in my welcome post. I look forward to seeing you on here. Welcome home.

Your new favorite smartass,


PS: I’m 63 years old, so we are about the same age.

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One more thing I forgot to mention, I was a tech on submarines in the Navy.

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Thanks, Mongo, for the information and the greetings, I appreciate it!
I have many DIYers friends all over the world, if anyone wants, we can meet Георги Райчев Цветков on Facebook, see you soon!
We old people have gathered!