Dream($ no limit) speakers BUT must fit/live with them in your current house

My choices:

Wilson Sasha Series 2:


Sonus Faber Amati:

Focal Maestro Utopia:

What are your picks?


Tannoy Westminster’s (I may have to get rid of some furniture), though I’d love to hear some of these Omni Diapsons now :slight_smile:


I’d go for ATC SCM300ASLT and live inside the speaker. Lots of headroom…



A pair of Greg Timbers designed Everest to compliment my JBL studio monitors.


When I win the lotto, I would love to have Dynaudio Confidence 60 ($45k before tax)


A friend of mine has a pair of Dynaudio Confidence C4 - and a place where we can listen to them loud, even at night. They sound big und can fill a large room. Good choice :wink:


C4 Platinum are definitely big. They’re 121lbs (55kg) and about 69” (about 1.8m) :+1:t2: I would love those too :grin:


Is that guy in the speaker?? Very cool!


Yes, their manufacturing is very down to earth :slight_smile: When I received my custom ordered SCM50As, you could smell the factory and all the glue and metal and stuff from England in my home for about a month. My wife was seriously frightened if that would be somehow harmful. I loved it… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJHul8HgbPs


YG Hailey 2.2s. I can support them in my current house (in a 17x23 room), but might not be able to in my new house. Land negotiations :grin: are currently in progress - not with my S.O. but with the quotes I got :open_mouth: for turning different parts of the house into a listening room. It can be as small as 14x16 (too small IMO for the Haileys) or up to14-1/2x23 (just might work for the YGs).

But who am I kidding? Not likely I’ll ever see Haileys in my house anytime soon. :disappointed:


I guess this partly active version is my new dream speaker in case inspite of its size it sounds as I expect. It has a few disadvantages on paper compared to mine, but I think it could sound more fascinating if only by the smaller size.

I heard other Boenecke speakers at shows and they were breathtaking. Living Voice would be a competition.


Vandersteen Model 7 MkII. Outstanding statement speaker by 45 year veteran/icon Richard Vandersteen .


Great choice! Me too.

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Legacy Audio Valor

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I have already ordered a Gryphon Pandora preamp with the inboard Legato phono preamp and Antileon Evo Stereo amp. I am considering adding the Kalliope DAC to the mix. I am doing all Stealth Audio cables. And a TechDAS Air Force III Premium Turntable with the Graham Phantom III tonearm and the TechDAS TDC01 TI cartridge. For now I am planning to stick with my Wilson Yvette speakers and Signature Rendu SE optical. I am not dreaming, I am ordering.

But I am listening to my current system with Roon Radio streaming 24.96 and 24.192 music and it sounds amazing! Why would anyone jettison a system like this? My answer, because 2020.


Huh, I can imagine how it will sound…years ago I had a Gryphon Elektra with Orestes and an improved Antileon prototype of its initial developer. You’re getting quite seriously into solid state class A sound. This combo has certain strengths you don’t get from anything else and if you focus on these you can get happy enough to not care for alternatives :wink:

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I had to think harder than I thought at first. Money no object then, I ended up to OP picture number 3. Focal Stella Utopia Evo might be the dream come true at the moment.

Thanks, I certainly hope so. I have decided to go with the Kalliope DAC. The costs for all this stuff including the Artesania Audio racks to hold all the gear isn’t out of this world. Our helicopter pilot friend would consider this a nice system for his walk in closet. But it’s still quite a bit.

I would prefer it to a Halcro/Magico. Not sure how Gryphon ranks in the digital sector now, but surely not bad… one thing you can be sure with such a class A Gryphon setup is rich and stunning harmonics and resolution.


Fascinating thread. I live in a relatively small space. The irony is were I to win the SuperLotto I simply couldn’t accommodate the monoliths I lust after. I’d go for the finest big monitors I know of, Harbeth 40.3s, and spend a wad on my dream turntable. That’s just me.