My dream Paul McGowan /Darren Myers

I wish Darren Myers makes a powerful amplifier, such as 2 x 500 watts 8Ω ohm, 1000 4Ω that can drive 2Ω and is Stable for Musical Transients 1Ω. If they sound good in music room one, they also sound good at me.Based on a modern Class D ICE module, designed in Denmark. It’s my dream.My equipment will love you for it

What you are hinting at are 1200AS1 based mono’s, but according to the IcePower spec sheets stability at 1 ohm does not appear to be in the cards or even 2 ohms for any length of time. The Stellar 700’s should get you there though if you use four or six if you are driving all three of the IRS panels shown per side at the same time. Would be interesting though to see what Darren would do with the 1200AS modules.

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They are doing prof amplifiers who can comply with the mentioned. The problem is just that it is brigde and it must not be in my world.More love from Denmark

Not sure if this of any value but my speakers are:
Impedance: 4 ohms nominal, 2.53 ohms minimum at 139Hz. Sensitivity: 87dB/W/m at 1kHz.

Not 1 Ohm which I did not know existed but anyway the 700s drive them fine…

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It’s all right and the 700 are some nice amplifiers. I just want to enjoy PS audio that’s more violent lol - So there was no criticism of the lovely series of PS audio has the purpose of making. I have probably not had the opportunity now to test 4 700 at my plant. But I’m working on it.

Which speaker do you use for your 700?

World Class Hypex NCore NC500 NC400 and ICE Power 1200AS2 Class D Amplifiers from Nord Acoustics

Hello Michael,

There have been hints of 500 or 600 watt BHK mono blocks in the ‘new’ P20 chassis. Those would be even better for your Infinity speakers! Good luck with your search, Kevin

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lol Thanks bro more love from Denmark

Since 1978 I have had Infinity and equipment from Paul. So I’ve always had great mono equipment and cable soup - 4 mono blocks in P20 size fill lol. That time is over for me and my age. I promised the woman who has lived with this for so many years that the amplifier shrinks into two boxes, as small as possible. I’m aiming to get one of the big PS audio speaker sets - but the requirement of the wife is two small amplifier boxes. That’s why and I’m believing my “gods” until I die. We have just lost one of them. So ps amplifier till I die it’s the motto here and I’ve just sold all my big mono amplifiers. So I’m sorry could not for such big PS mono amplify more.

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Understandable on your commitment. Small 1200 watt mono amps would be cool!

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I have had one of Colin’s Nord NCore 500 amps for almost two years and it is quite good. I appears that for the 1200AS he is only offering it as a stereo amp as the board can be purchased either way unlike the NC500 which a mono module only. He appears to think that his market is on the stereo side so he didn’t purchase the 1200AS1 modules only the AS2’s. Colin is a good guy give him a call.

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I was getting close to ordering the Nord TWO, not realizing it is a stereo board, which I guess is the AS2? Is there any reason for concern that the L & R channels are so close together?

also on another board did someone say the ipout buffer is noisey?

There are no problems with noise at all.

I can see where that was confusing. I meant the PSA 700 , not the Nord