My Stockfisch experience / Evaluating music with the DMP / JeffofArabica

I have fond memories of browsing through physical music albums in major music stores. One importer allowed me to take CD’s home to evaluate and then buy what I want. Sadly the nostalgia is all that is left – the shops are gone.

Some years ago a colleague of mine asked me if I’ve ever heard about Stockfisch. He’s just returned from Germany where he heard Chris Jones’s “No Sanctuary Here” at a music event. I Googled, but could not find a South African importer [then] – so I torrented a few ISO’s which I Iso2DSD’d and of course the DMP did the rest. Long story short:- I very much enjoyed the music, finally found a supplier in Johannesburg and bought everything I liked: Chris Jones, David Munyon, Sara K etc. By that time though, I’d already cut one favourite disk from the 5 “closer to the music” volumes.

Seemingly unrelated: I stumbled onto a Gumtree Ad – somebody selling his entire CD collection of about 1400 disks. Bought the lot for the equivalent of about 670 USD. My initial joy was dampened when I started listening though – because 99% of the disks I ended up giving away. Musically, most were excellent – they just weren’t to my taste.

The above two experiences had unexpected side-effects. Despite me now being the proud owner of the original Stockfisch media, I kept returning to my compilation disk – the originals gathered dust. It didn’t stop there though: I suddenly realized that I always only listen to certain tracks on most of my favourite disks (classical and most piano being the exception) – while the majority of my collection gathered dust. Long story short: I’ve already given away at least half of my CD’s (and I’m not done) as well as all my DVD’s & BlueRays. I have to honestly say that I can’t hear the difference between the original Stockfisch and my compilation disk. But then again my ears are 63 yrs old.

I recently investigated Dancingsea’s 2019 post – where JeffofArabica converted Ronaldwanders’s Quboz lists to Tidal. I’ve never given streaming much thought, but suddenly it seems to make more sense when I look at Ronaldwanders’s compilations. And it seems Tidal is available in South Africa …


If you really love exploring new music, streaming is a great method of doing so.

I tend to listen to music I own critically (all digital at the moment – mostly ripped CDs and some downloaded files via my in-house network, along with SACDs via my PS Audio DMP transport) and explore new music via Roon and my Qobuz and Tidal subscriptions.

When I find new music that I love, I add the “albums” to my list of music to buy and try to obtain the best quality digital recording (preferably CD or SACD) I can to add to my collection.

Its the best of both worlds as far as I am concerned.

I recommend that you dip your toes into the streaming waters but hang on to your favorite physical discs. Rip them to your storage and/or rendering device. It’s the only way to ensure you own the music.

Business model flights of fancy, bankruptcies and who knows what is in the future of “The Cloud” means that there is no guarantee the music out there in the ether will always be there for you.

My $0.02.


Stockfisch is very cool. Very good recordings and some pretty obscure listings as well. I have a few David Munyon albums from them and a few classical. Not real cheap, but very good processing.

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O yes there is no ways I’m throwing out my favorite physical discs … but those I’ve paid for long ago yet never listened to again beyond the 1st initial listen I’m giving away. Gives me a sort of “purging myself” feeling LOL.

Also, I get what you say about the Cloud - but what if there is literally only one track of an album you like? Seems like an awful waste to buy a whole disk …

Another problem I have to research 1st is what my best option would be to play Tidal through my DS DAC. The Bridge I don’t regard as an option btw … Best to wait for the PS streaming solution, or …?

Why not?

It sounds great, works well, and it would get you into the streaming game without much fuss and at reasonable cost*, while you explore your other “streamer” options and/or wait for the Octave system.

*There is a NIB Bridge II for sale on this forum for $350 by the way.