Network Bridge upgrade to support DSD128 and PCM at 382 kHz?

Is it possible to upgrade the network bridge via a firmware update to support streaming DSD128 over DOP and (equivalently?) support streaming of PCM at 382 kHz? If so, is such an upgrade in the works?

The Bridge II Card uses a module from Conversdigital and that module supports a maximum of 24/192 PCM and DSD64 DoP. So I suspect that the Bridge II card will never support anything higher than it does now.

Also, the DirecStream DAC has a maximum PCM rate of 24/352.8.

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But the DS Dac does support DSD128 payback

Thanks for the answers. Yes, I have been playing DSD128 via USB and thought it would have been nice to have this convenience via the Bridge as well. Hopefully, there can be a totally new Bridge designed with a newer module sometime in the future.