Network storage steps to install software

Hello All. It’s the pesty mentally impaired person needing help again. Can someone give me a step by step to get the ds213+ server going. I am fairly fluent in network protocol

I have jriver and I am willing to buy twonky or whatever to use the server to the network bridge . Please list format of music stored , bit rates if need be. Software to control from iPad or surface PC . Sanology to run on bridge . Just some general notes to start with and I will google and ask the rest . Also how to load music on network drive as well meaning with a particular software as apposed to just copy paste .

Al D

to install DSM download synology assistant from their website after install it will search and find your nas then click on connect the install should begin after completed check for updates in control panel/ DSM update/, set up ssd-synology hybrid raid(no data protection),this will happen by default if you only have one drive installed, install synology’s media server from package center, just to get all the systems default shared folders set up, added user and set permissions for the folders, installed java, instructions are here , install minim server, install minim watch on pc, open minim watch and set transcode to “wav24”. Transfer music files, find a controller app, creation 5 and plugplay work


The CD that came with your Synology NAS should have a program on it that, IIRC, is called “Synology assistant” or something similar. Install this on your PC and it will help your PC or Mac talk to the NAS, set up your admin accounts, etc. Once that’s done you don’t need it anymore.

Then use the File Station app that comes with DSM (the Synology operating system, Disk Station Manager) to create folders to store your music. At the root level these need to be shared folders (“Create shared folder” not “Create folder”) or it will be hard to work with the folders from your PC. You need to give each folder appropriate permissions – this is different than what I was used to on Windows, but not hard.

I’m not clear about whether you want to use JRiver as your music player, which will mean leaving the computer running all the time, or install a server on your NAS. I don’t use JRiver so others will have to help there, but for JRiver I think you are done except for copying the music onto the NAS and then setting the configuration options in JRiver, which is a bit complicated. For copying music, you can use the “Upload” function in File Station, or use the usual copy/paste functions from Windows. In Windows, the Synology will show up in Windows Explorer (open up the Network item in the panel on the left) which makes it easy to move music files around. Note: this may require a registry tweak. I am away from home right now but I did keep notes about this after I found the info on the internet.

If you want to install a music server on the NAS, you have several choices. Synology makes one called Audio Station that you can download for free, and there is an iPad app to control it (get from the app store). It’s not bad, particularly for non-classical music. It does have one quirk; it insists that all your music be stored in a “music” folder on the NAS (you can make subfolders).

My personal favorite is MinimServer. This requires Java on the NAS – let me know if you want to try this or check the documentation on the MinimServer webiste. I’ve never used Twonky so can’t comment on it.

Addendum: many folks here have found that setting static IP addresses for all your components makes the Bridge operate more reliably, as does using a high-quality router or switch (Apple Airport Extreme, for instance) rather than an el cheapo one from the office supply store.

I use PSA’s eLyric control point; it’s pretty reliable for me, although sometimes it quits unexpectedly (but the music keeps playing, just restart it). Another very good choice, popular with many MinimServer users, is Linn’s Kinsky.

every app I tried has its quirks, creation 5 seems to be the most reliable so far, it just crashes now and then, kinsky will only play one song at a time, also wijnand has suggested plugplay in past posts

Ok first off big thanks for the post,s

First off my office system is static . I have a net gear giga switch . The router is before this taped off of my office fios router. I needed to do this so I may see my office CPU,s and printers but they cannot see me.

Music control as I use to foo bar and jriver and there will be a surface pro running this on my desk.but minim or what ever I am open to. My CPU will not be involved.

No raid just one SSD drive about 940 gig .

Ds213+ will be the nas.

All cat 6s shielded connectors and cables . No shielded jacks will be used.

No video just music as for folders np and I will set the rights to share.

As I put music on nas what format us best. My music is in several formats from 16/44.1 to flac and dsd.

Do I need to convert to wave , I can and will do this if it is something to achieve better quality and ease of use.

I own jriver 19 and 18, foo bar but I am open to buy another one to stabilize this system , ex twonky.

Here is another item or spin on this . Primarily this will be for the pwd mkii network bridge. But I do have some other dacs that are just USB . So I would very much like to have this option open.

Please advise . To switch and soft wares to use.


Al D

Ps Elyric I would prefer not to use this as my dac is not available using this app on my PC . And I have spent several hots trying to no avail to make it work . So please no Elyric


Al D

Any decent server will handle all audio formats; I wouldn’t bother with one that doesn’t.

The PWD (like many DACs) does not play DSD files, so you will have to convert them with foobar to something else. I think I read that JRiver can do this conversion on the fly, but you should confirm that since I’m not a JRiver user.

Whether WAV files sound better than FLAC is a hotly debated topic; all you can do is try it on your own system and see. MinimServer lets you transcode FLAC into WAV on the fly. I like this because I have invested a lot of time in custom tagging, which you can do with FLAC, and don’t want to lose my tagging by changing the actual files to WAV.

Since you have some USB-only DACs, it might be simplest to use JRiver, at least to begin with; this would let you control everything. Later you could experiment with MinimServer or others. Many people like JRiver but some find it too complex or get better SQ with different servers. No way to tell except by trying.

Cool jriver does converts dsd on the fly and db poweramp I own can do the conversions as well and flac is fine for now.

How do I tag the meta data , album art etc can you name an editor or program. I’ll jriver does it too.

Al D

please correct me if I’m wrong, you want to control minim server from your surface pro and you do have foobar installed on the surface pro?

if so, according to the website this is possible, sorry I don’t know anything about the set up I haven’t tried it, I use the ipad

from minimservers website:

Control points

You should be able to use any UPnP AV control point (music browser) with MinimServer. In practice, some control points have design limitations that prevent them from using some features of MinimServer. This section lists control points that have been tested with MinimServer, with notes describing any known compatibility issues. If you find any other compatibility issues with these or other control points, please report them as described on the Support page.

Linn Kinsky Fully compatible

Songbook Lite Fully compatible (see note 1)

BubbleDS Fully compatible (see note 2)

foobar2000 Fully compatible (see note 2)

Asset Control Fully compatible (see note 2)

PlugPlayer Mostly compatible (see note 3)

PS Audio eLyric Mostly compatible (see note 3)

ChorusDS Mostly compatible (see note 4)

Windows Media Player Not compatible (see note 5)

Xbox 360 Not compatible (see note 6)

[NEW] The following have also been reported as compatible: Naim n-Stream, Onkyo, OPPO, Cyrus, Roberts, XBMC and iMediaShare.

Note 1: Songbook Lite has a default sort order of 123 for album tracks. You need to change this to — to avoid ordering problems when using groups within albums.

Note 2: BubbleDS, foobar2000 and Asset Control have a design limitation that makes the Hide Contents setting persist until MinimServer is restarted.

Note 3: PlugPlayer and PS Audio eLyric preload the browse tree from the server instead of loading each container when requested by the user. This prevents the ‘>> Complete Album’, ‘>> Tag View’ and ‘>> Show All’ choices from working. This issue also means that disc headings for individual discs in a multi-disc album can’t be used to select disc contents. See the Hide Contents choice section for further details.

Note 4: ChorusDS has a bug that stops its “Add All” and “Play All” buttons from selecting grouped tracks within an album.

Note 5: Windows Media Player has a design limitation that causes it to hang on startup when using MinimServer as the media server.

Note 6: The Xbox 360 doesn’t interoperate with standard UPnP AV servers. See this page for details.

I use mp3tag for editing metadata; despite its name, it works with several formats, including FLAC. You can also use foobar or (I think) dBpoweramp.

Yes, JRIver does tagging; just be sure to tell it to save the tags in the actual audio files, not only in JRiver’s database – so your work will not be lost if you move away from JRiver at some point.

My preferred tools are:

dBpoweramp for ripping and format conversion.

mp3tag for metadata/tags management

foobar2000 with foo.upnp and foo.out.upnp for player and UPnP server

eLyric controller on iPad1 for UPnP controller

Monkeymote 4foobar on iPad1 for remote control of foobar


Thanks all.

I have a iPad 3 I can use for control as well. And I do not see jriver has aps a player with minum . This is fine as foo bar is easy .also can I use wasabi so I am assured no other programs hijack this??

As I go forward with this task I will post results as I am sure to have some hicups along the way. How is jriver remote in this on a iPad ??

Thanks all

Al D

The JRiver control point for ipad is excellent. You can search very easily, it has a logical lay out imo, and it stays connected to JRMC very well.

Cool thanks that is good for me as I know jriver well enough to not do this blind

Thanks all. I shod this in my hands wed. And startiaxing on Friday morning


One last question for now. Where does the pending wave stream fit in this.


One last question for now. Where does the pending wave stream fit in this.


There-in lies your problem. Wavestream will not work with a DLNA server. It needs a player, and for that you need your computer again. At least that is the way I understand it.

I kinda thought that, but to be honest I am not holding my breath waiting and then going through the ritual sacrifice to see what happens . I love this forum , as it has the most intelligent people I have ever seen collected in one place really cool . And I am proud to own ps audio equipment . But in the end I just want to hear my music. So nas it will be for now…

I now use my PC to the dac with jriver. It works for the most part and then attemp to stop and it just plays on . I shut the program down and keeps playing . This I cannot deal with…


Al D