New Basement Build question

Reminds me of this Futurama episode


Yeah….awww…yeah ……awwww

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In this market I often wonder if the winner is second place.


Two years ago my wife had to sell her fathers home as he had passed away. Nice house but dated, in a gated community. People wrote letters including pictures. Pouring their hearts out for her to pick them. Real tear jerkers. Every one of them bid over ask. In a range from $30k to $110k. Amusingly, the letter was the deciding factor. She didn’t take high bid, somewhere in the middle. The letter was the difference.

If I remember correctly, high bid wanted to push it over and start fresh.
What a world!


now that I do the math in my head it went for over 800k so I thats at least 130k over ask. Crazy. A good friend made a good point that there was probably a few car guys waiting for a house with many garage spaces to come to market and all jumped on it.


Seems a good price for all that

It is and it isnt. The cost build, the price makes sense. But I do not think it would have passed an assessment if you were getting any bank involved. We had to put in GAP money in our bid since we were getting a loan for some of it. But with 6 all cash offers, guess that would not matter. The house has lots of things that cost a ton, but do not asses at full cost when selling. Pools in CT especially. 100k that setup he had cost, but maybe add 50k. In the end we just got out classed in the bid. But like we all siad yeah, awww, yeah aww… not sure to be upset or say thank god. Wide is upset…which I will be hearing about for a bit.

I get letters like this annually for our summer home, and no it’s not for sale. Funny thing, where we are the lakefront properties sell by word of mouth. Typically a short walk around the lake with a chance encounter results in a serious discussion regarding a possible sale.


That seems pretty reasonable given what was there. In my neighborhood some of the new houses go for $1M+ and some are on 50’ wide lots, at most 150’ deep. I just shake my head since I watch these houses being built when I go walking. Shameful how some of the builders work. Give me an older home (mine is over 100!) …

Also, that 24’ x 24’ x 12’ room would have been trouble. Very poor dimensions for audio. Lots of peaks and valleys in the response.


The cash only market is still hot.
Desirable places here either never make it to listing or are gone for asking price plus within a few days.

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