Set Up Magnepan Speakers—Thank You Paul

Room: 23’x14.5’x9’ w/front Helmholtz corners.
Magnepan MG-II, PS-Audio Stellar Gain DAC, Stellar S300, SOL turntable, Sony D-25 CD player, Mac Mini streamer.
Paul McGowan’ “The Stereo, Unlock the Secrets to Great Stereo,” Reference Music CD.
Stage One lay the grid, two position speakers.
Three, WOW! What a soundstage! What depth! Four, refine placement and tune that Bass!


Curious. How wide is your room?
Oh duh. Sorry. Anyway. Those fit amazingly well in there. I didn’t think I could fit my 20.7 in a 14’ wide room. Maybe I could…

20.7 Maggies would do well in your room!
If not, I’ll be glad to trade with you!

It is a bit counterintuitive, but you will get better sound-staging putting those things on the long wall. The early reflections from the side wall restrict imaging and depth.

I owned MG 2.5 R and MG-20 models and did tons of experimentation over the years. Lessons learned.

If you can’t put them on the long wall, put diffusion on the side walls (not absorption).

Bruce in Philly

Yah. Right now my room is 17’ x 30’. And I’ve got someone in the household looking at other houses. Room width is always concerning