New direct stream dac design

I wonder if there would ant thought given to creating a no frills dac, similar to the nuwave dsd but with the quality of sound of the direct stream. I dont use my dac as a preamp, nor do I have a need for 80 % of the bells and whistles that come with it.

There is no way to strip down the features of the Direct Stream and keep its sound quality.

The DS Junior is the DS with some compromises in hardware, making it less expensive.

I’d be interested in a DS that was only a DAC, i.e. no vol. control or other pre-amp related features.

@ The PS marketers - would that be a feasible product? I could see investing the difference, in what would pay for this and then a little more into a great PreAmp. This also makes sense considering the prevailing thought that good pre-amps running the DS create better sound.

The volume adjustment in the DS and DSJ have zero dedicated components other than the buttons on the remote control. The mechanism by which the volume is changed is by performing a multiplication on digital data before it becomes analog. So there’s no money to be saved by removing that feature, I’m afraid.

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Right. That also means it would not simplify the physical circuitry to eliminate the volume control.

Well, it would simply the circuitry a little bit but certainly not enough to justify a separate product.

Since Ted handles volume through programming the FPGA I don’t think it would change the physical circuitry at all, although I could be wrong. Maybe there could be something in how the remote is implemented.

No circuity involved (except if you mean inside the FPGA). As others have stated it’s a multiply. It’s there (for other reasons) whether there’s a UI to get to it or not, so we might as well expose it to the UI.

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I was thinking there was a knob…even though my DSD certainly does not have one! It helps if I look at my DAC every once in a while.

Ah, the Jr does have a knob of course, and that does cost some money. We could save a little on the Jr without it.

Good point. I showed my bias as a DS Sr owner.