New Directstream owner, just got a Mac Mini ... what next?

Hoping to rip my CD collection over the next few months, plan to add the PS NuWave phono converter and archive my vinyl too. Curious what software might be best suited? Any good primers to get the most out of my system?

Thanks. Any ideas appreciated, budget not an issue.

PSA has this link in their How To for Vinyl Studio which many like,

Illinimax said Hoping to rip my CD collection over the next few months... Curious what software might be best suited? Any good primers to get the most out of my system?
On the CD ripping front I find a collection of tools to work best for me:

CD ripping: dBpoweramp:

Tag manipulation/file renaming: Mp3tag: (It’s free, there are some other programs with the same name that aren’t free…)

Album Art Downloader XUI:

They have overlapping features, but dBpoweramp has, in general, good text metadata, mp3tag is great at tag manipulation and file renaming based on tags (and other patterns), Tho dBpoweramp usually finds a good cover, Album Art Downloader has many more hi resolution sources.

dBpoweramp is also a great audio file converter with a batch mode, you can do replay gain, covert to mp3, etc. either on selected files or whole file trees…

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There are some good bits regarding setup here: Empirical Audio

You might also check here for optimization tips: Amarra

Just plonking down a Mac Mini won’t provide the best results. After doing any of the suggested hardware mods (SSD, memory, etc.), it pays to strip out as much software functionality as possible. Deactivating things like Searchlight and Bluetooth will improve sound.

My favorite mod has been to send the Mac Mini to Mojo Audio, where Benjamin strips out the noisy SMPS from the Mini and replaces it with an external Joule V linear power supply. That was one of the most substantial improvements to my system.

And don’t forget to find a good USB cable for the DS. After trying several different cords, I can say that it does matter.

Ted, those are good programs but they won’t help a Mac Mini owner much, although dBpoweramp is working on a Mac version (maybe they’ve released one by now).

To get going quickly, you might try iTunes with BitPerfect ($10 from the Mac App Store). When using my Mini I prefer JRiver Media Center with the JRemote iPad app.

Duh :)

Thanks for the help everyone. I did install bitperfect and noticed an immediate improvement. Have a revealing system (CODA amp/pre and Legacy Whispers).

Any more thoughts keep 'em coming :-)

MP3TAG is now available on Mac OS, check the App Store. Strongly recommended.

You may want to visit this site.

dBpoweramp has been available on a Mac for awhile now. I use it regularly.

dBpoweramp has an option to pickup on CDs which are HDCD, so it can rip them properly. This option a bit hidden though. You can find it in the DSP section. The good thing is you can leave it on all the time, so if there is not a HDCD flag it will just ignore it.

dBpoweramp also will handle CDs with pre-emphasis on it own.

I have both the Mac and PC versions but mostly use the Mac one, including the HDCD decoding (which was not initially supported). It’s a great program. Note that my post which you referenced was six years ago.

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