New Octave release (Temporary Circumstances)

What surprises me the most is not even able to tell if my order was shipped or where it stands to be shipped.

I feel the pain on ordering, I waited a very long time for “Out of thin air” and complained about it a bit on this forum. But I also came to learn that PSA, esp guys like James and Paul himself, DO care about the experience people have with PSA and they are genuinely concerned about the difficulties in doing all of this, not only for the 1st time, but in the midst of a global Pandemic as well.
I found it was just easier to try to relax and it will come. I’m sure they hear us when we have issues and try to improve.

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Two things, FWIW:

  1. PS Audio is a newbie when it comes to this recording producing, marketing and distribution thing (they don’t have all of the moving parts sorted yet) and
  2. There are “supply chain”/logistical/staffing issues all over the world that have slowed things down and interrupted commerce and temporarily (IMO) impacted the “click it and ship it” world we consumers have gotten used to.

Respectfully yours,

Yes, this can be frustrating for sure. We’re slowly but surely building up our procedures and processes. This is an all new venture for us and shipping hundreds of items a day through the mail is new.

With Grusin’s album it took weeks. In some cases, more than a month. We didn’t know what to expect and silly us thought we’d just have our shipping department handle the (what we thought) would be a few dozen a day. It quickly became hundreds per day. Game over. Everything but the great recording went wrong with Grusin’s (including being a financial disaster). To make it work Jim, the president of our company, personally shipped out nearly 1,000 with the help of his wife and daughter.

With Temporary Circumstances we were better prepared. Every order has been shipped out within a few days of being received. Still the only way we can afford to ship these for the fee we charge is through the US mails. The media rate we pay does not allow for tracking.

We’re working hard on getting better with each release. Our next will be the great Otis Taylor. I trust that release will be even smoother, though I am pretty happy with how this last one went.

Thanks for the patience and understanding.

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I am in Ohio and I got mine days ago. Most Usps mail is normal here or no more than 1 day late

My SACD showed up yesterday. I had an appointment so I was only able to listen to a couple of tracks. From what I heard @Paul and team have done another fantastic job.

I like the fact that not only is the music tight, Jessica is a great song writer.

How can we get a copy of the lyrics?

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Nothing here yet, but it’s only been about a week and a half.

One interesting aside is that Jessica’s drummer (on the album), Michael Wooten, played with Carole King in the late 70’s and on a couple of her records of that era.

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A fun tidbit.

Chris, thank you so much for that tidbit. That”s really interesting.

Arrived today hope to get it spinning tonight!

I decided to be an ass a day too early - mine just arrived and big thanks to @Paul/team for looking into this. Now the wait for vinyl version begins…

Ordered on 16th and rcvd yesterday 30th. Look like took a week to process my order and another week for USPS to reach me at Houston area.:slight_smile:

If that’s representative, maybe mine will arrive ext week.

There is USPS tracking info on the package.
Hope that when PSA updates the processing system next time ( hope PSA has the resource to do it), it can auto sent out this info, then we will know when the order is processed and has better idea when it will arrive. :slight_smile:

My package arrived yesterday - looking forward to listening this weekend.

You were hardly an “ass”. There’s nothing wrong with being antsy to get the good stuff. And, thanks to you, our president, Jim, dug deep with our operations people and we believe we’ve found a way to notify folks by email when their CDs ship.

So, with our next release, Otis Taylor, we should be able to get each copy out the door within a few days of purchase and notify the recipient it’s on the way. We still cannot predict the US Postal service response time like you can UPS or FedEx, but that’s a different story/problem. What remains true is that the USPS remains the lowest cost alternative.

Each release we get better. Thanks for the support and hanging in there with us.

You’re family.


I enjoyed the CD! As good as the recording is on the album I’d love to hear it recorded live in a small club with an audience tho I know that’s not possible currently. Great job all around!

USPS Media Mail has been awful for months. I buy records with tracking and have seen packages bounce between two distribution centers for WEEKS before arriving. I’ve had to file support tickets a few times for the postmaster to track down the package.