Hey Joe (New Octave release)

New release is now available. Another excellent recording!! Wonderful music! The DSD version really sounds like I’m playing high quality vinyl!!


Ordered the SACD this afternoon. Looking forward to it.

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Me too…samples on line sounded very promising.

Just ordered mine. The violinist who plays with Otis, Anne Harris, is a friend of mine. We grew up together and both played violin in the high school orchestra! She was a far better violinist at the time and obviously went on to much bigger and better things, while I ended up as a geeky scientist.


I ordered mine. I wish the data download came with a disc purchase.

The album is available on Qobuz for a complete preview.

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I love the u tube performance of Nasty Letter by Otis and her, filmed in France. its crazy good.

Enjoy to the max!

This is my favorite U Tube video, it kills. Annie and the lead guitarist are fantastic. I urge you to watch,

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Do any of you know what’s the difference between this and the album on Qobuz? Track list looks the same.

It’s the same album.

I don’t understand: how can this be a “new Octave release” if in fact it is an In-Akustik release out of 2015…? Can someone explain this to me…?

My understanding is it’s a reissue in a higher resolution. The description in todays Copper refers to it as a reissue so I am making that assumption, I may be wrong if a DSD is already out there

Right. The album was originally released in 2015 and is available on Qobuz and Tidal, but only as a CD quality. This is the first time the direct to master version from the DSD master has been released, as well, it’s been remastered by our own Gus Skinas.


I ordered my copy as soon as I saw the email announcement. Being a remastered, hi-res re-release, this represents a kind of change in direction for Octave, doesn’t it? I’m not complaining by any means - I would love to see any number of prior releases get this treatment. But all the talk I’ve seen about Octave has focused on new music recorded specifically for release by the label. Are you broadening your mission statement, or have I just been asleep? :wink:

We’re still in full swing with new music recordings. There are a few DSD masters we have access to if we can work out licensing deals. This was one of them. Otis is tied up with labels and distributors so it took a small act of congress to get this released.


I’ve downloaded the digital copies and listening now from lowest to highest resolution (I started with the 24x96, not bothering with the 24x44.1). The recording and sound quality is very good on the first version I’ve heard (again, 24x96), but more than anything else this is the first Octave recording that I am really enjoying. It’s purely a matter of taste and nothing against the other two, but the blues-infusion jazz of Otis Taylor’s record moves me far more than the other two. Very enjoyable.


Hi @Paul

With new music recordings, are they being recorded at DSD128?

If you get a chance can you please reply here:

I usually just go for the jugular and play the DSD version!! I just want to enjoy the recording to the fullest from the beginning. I don’t even need the other versions since I don’t listen to them anyway. I wish Paul or whoever makes the decision on how the record is release to go back to the beginning when you get two disc, one SACD and one data disc. Right now, I’m enjoying the heck of this recording on DSD file. Incredible sounding!!

I was REALLY hoping Resurrection Blues was on this release… great track & a soundstage tickler.

I listened to it again and it’s not bad. My son might like it as well. Bought the vinyl, it’s DMM and 45rpm double album, from Amazon £19.20 delivered, about $25. Can’t have too much vinyl.