New Arrivals

New arrivals:


What do you think?

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purchased Conversations dsd, excellent

purchased the new one Lawless

and of course purchased several other Octave releases in dsd and vinyl

in my ‘A’ bin they are

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Been away from the Big Rig for a while and have not had a chance to sit down for some dedicated listening…but have enjoyed both on my desktop system while working on other things…

More to come,


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New arrivals:



Listened to Vol. VIII on the big rig night before last…

Really enjoyed it; and on first run through it strikes me as one of Octave Records better recording engineering efforts.


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Probably won’t get in a good listen until sometime tomorrow…

Nothing can show off a great sounding system better than percussions. I’m really enjoying the excitment from this new arrival from Octave Records. If your speakers can do really low bass, track 10 “The Depth” will give you a fantastic skin and ear massage!


Just arrived.

Currently spinning in my disc drive/being ripped via dBpoweramp Music Converter

In the middle of rearranging the system (again :slight_smile: ) to accommodate some new kit; so it will be a while before I can listen on the Big Rig.

“Percussion” is an incredible recording, with so much presence, a wide/deep sound stage with very precisely locatable instruments. The range of sounds is incredible and very satisfying. Play it loud, especially track 10.
No rush to wipe the smile off your face.


While I only bought a DSD download of “Soundstage” and to me (and probably only me), hated it. But “Percussion” more than made up for it. The Phantom Center is reproduced so well that I thought my Center Channel Heresy IV was on !!! That rarely ever happens in most of the music I listen to. Some comes close but not like this. Glad I waited for the SACD to come in the mail.


I have an opinion on their general character, can only find extremely few more or less exceptionally recorded tracks on the Octave albums I have so far (also Soundstage) and as few of them I like musically (but that’s no judgement but just a matter of individual taste). I still don’t know the percussion sampler, wrote about my other impressions elsewhere, but didn’t experience “hate”on my side :wink:…what’s your experience? At least we’re the only two mentioning more than praise I’d say, but I’m used to this.

I have found the recording quality to be a bit of a mixed bag. More good than bad (mostly good and some excellent). All in all, I think the Octave Records start up is a gift to Artists and Audiophiles; and I hope PSA is able to continue to expand its catalogue and improve the quality of its recordings at a sustainable pace and price.


I would agree with „mostly good and some excellent“. I miss exceptional, of which there also are many on the market, many even from „normal“ labels when using exquisite engineers.

But I also appreciate the PSA effort. It’s never easy at the beginning.

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Octave Records new release (Live at Nocturne II) is a mind blower! The live piano and drums, the dynamic double bass, the air of the high frequency instruments, The realistic fullness of the sound reminiscent of top end vinyl, this recording is the best that Octave has produced IMHO. And the music, fantastic involving music too! Get the DSD256, you will not regret it!