New Octave release (Temporary Circumstances)

Ordered on 16th and rcvd yesterday 30th. Look like took a week to process my order and another week for USPS to reach me at Houston area.:slight_smile:

If that’s representative, maybe mine will arrive ext week.

There is USPS tracking info on the package.
Hope that when PSA updates the processing system next time ( hope PSA has the resource to do it), it can auto sent out this info, then we will know when the order is processed and has better idea when it will arrive. :slight_smile:

My package arrived yesterday - looking forward to listening this weekend.

You were hardly an “ass”. There’s nothing wrong with being antsy to get the good stuff. And, thanks to you, our president, Jim, dug deep with our operations people and we believe we’ve found a way to notify folks by email when their CDs ship.

So, with our next release, Otis Taylor, we should be able to get each copy out the door within a few days of purchase and notify the recipient it’s on the way. We still cannot predict the US Postal service response time like you can UPS or FedEx, but that’s a different story/problem. What remains true is that the USPS remains the lowest cost alternative.

Each release we get better. Thanks for the support and hanging in there with us.

You’re family.


I enjoyed the CD! As good as the recording is on the album I’d love to hear it recorded live in a small club with an audience tho I know that’s not possible currently. Great job all around!

USPS Media Mail has been awful for months. I buy records with tracking and have seen packages bounce between two distribution centers for WEEKS before arriving. I’ve had to file support tickets a few times for the postmaster to track down the package.

As others here, I complained a moment too soon. :wink: Mine arrived in Saturday’s mail.

Paul172 captured my feelings exactly. I felt like I was in a small quiet café catching up with some old friends. No load talking, no shrill voices, just the comfort of life. Well done.

PS Audio - as you get your sea-legs on, you may want to consider a subscription service. Just a thought.

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Glad it got to you. Over a week to get a CD seems long but as Paul mentioned, we’re getting better with every release. Considering how much smoother this release was to the last, we should have the Otis release down to a science. I think I’ve become a little spoiled being able to order something from Amazon and have it here the next day. With tracking through the whole process.

We are both spoiled and harbor unreasonably high expectations; we expect instant shipping and receipt for everything. Not all that long ago a couple of weeks was on the more efficient side.

It might be wise for the website to indicate to expect receipt of your order in one or two weeks, or whatever the time it takes for almost all order to be delivered. It is much easier to wait when you have been told it will take a bit.

Great idea. And of course no one will be upset if they expect it to come in two weeks but arrives in 3 days.

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I just ordered something (from another company, not stereo gear or music) that they say should ship Dec. 15th. I am free from worry for that entire time. Then, around the 15th, if it hasn’t arrived, I’ll have (potentially) 10 days to make myself insane over whether it will arrive by Christmas :cowboy_hat_face:

Though of course if I had ordered it some other time of year, Christmas wouldn’t have anything to do with it.

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hi Elk, many years ago i saw a book titled something like:
“the american consumer: they want it today, they want it perfect, and they want it for free”

Being in retail i encounter this mentality almost every day.

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pardon the political comment here, but we can thank postmaster Dejoy for that mess.

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Not really a political comment when it is one of those pesky Facts.


On a slightly different note, it would be great to see PS record the great Americana group Donna The Buffalo. and locally we have two great artists that do some really fine music. Bruce Piephoff and Scott Sawyer (who is our Bill Frisell)

That nasty little bulldog lives about 10 minutes from me in a 15,000 sq foot mansion. i was one of the people who protested at his home a few months back.

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Carol King…yeah, I can see (hear) that. She reminded me a bit of Jennifer Warnes. There was a time when most audiophiles I knew just had to have a copy of Famous Blue Raincoat.



What memories, what memories. I never had a copy of Famous Blue Raincoat, but I sure bought my share of copies of Tapestry!