New PS Audio speakers?


Wow, so you make the whole DSP/active module development yourself, that’s great.

What you described is also a great feature, that DSP settings can not only be done manually but also automatically.

What I meant is:

I make a setting for sitting in the sweet spot, ok.

Then in a living room I go back to the oher end of the room where I can sit at a table. There is a 8dB bass boost at 30Hz. So when I sit there it would be favorable to have the setting for the sweet spot and this place stored into the preset to be able to quickly switch between the sweet spot and the table configuration when changing location for some time, without having to calibrate everything again each time. Because even if it’s automatically I assume I need a microphone at the listening position. I wouldn’t want to do this procedure each time I use different listening positions.


Exactly;y and that’s how it will work, through a microphone you place at your preferred listening position.


I’m really very enthusiastic about these speakers! As they are but especially in case you could make them even a little smaller by every trick you find, they must get megasellers and your main business :wink:

What I just know from other examples: audio press literally can’t write the full truth if a product extremely stands out above others, as balance and the unwritten rules of the business affecting advertising customers are hurt. But I still believe they will be widely recognized and play their full potential especially in the homes of people, much more than in show rooms.


ok, but so I would have to calibrate with a mic again each time I change position between my sweet spot and the lunch table and stay there for a while.


Some more thoughts and constructive critisism here…

You are writing about different amps for the AN1-2-3. Is the reason for this cost? I think not, class d watts are cheap, arent they…? Im thinking you don’t want to “allow” the cheaper models to be as good in the bass as the more expensive models, am I correct? The AN3 will be allowed to reach 35Hz, the AN2 maybe 30Hz and the AN1 possibly 20-25Hz? I assume the box size and driver will be the same in all three, right…? I see no reason why they wont?

Instead, go for exact same bass performance in all three models. Use the same 1,2kw amp (icepower?) That would be optimum. The higher priced models will still outshine the smaller ones thanks to it’s line-source design with multiple drivers. And even more likely, many people who will buy the AN2 or AN1 will also buy your subwoofers…
Also, keeping the bass section identical on all three AN’s will probably save costs in the end… You could even have the upcoming subwoofer identically designed with the same driver, box size, amp and dsp…even more cost savings…

So please design the 12" bass section the same on all three models AND the subwoofers…what you say Paul…?


Does PS Audio plan to have the AN2 and AN3 at dealers around the country for audition? This would be much better than what Magnepan is doing taking the 30.7 on a cross country tour.
Based on the final price the AN2 may prove to be a perfect retirement present to myself!

Keep up the great work and thanks for being so communicative.


Well this is a fun thread. I’ll be in the market for new speakers within a year or so. Big life downsize coming. The Magico A3’s are right in the sweet spot price and size wise. It’ll be fun to start auditioning and I’m sure I’ll look hard at the AN3 when the time comes.


Paul, enough teasing already. When can I pre-order the AN2’s. :+1::grinning:


Paul “We very much appreciate hearing opinions. Yes, by all means, feel free to share and comment. It all helps.”
You mention GENESIS® speaker. The amplified GENESIS® user in their systems is not good enough. It is my personal experience. I have got more infinity systems since 1978 and so far. It is incredibly exciting to keep track of your development. Can I become beta tests? laugh out loud. I just tested bass and amplifier on 5 different thieves. Here’s a simple photo of our new basses that are in the back of the speaker. For a number of years we have gathered Dane, who builds speakers once a year for Christmas at the company. Here they have seen their home-built speaker with where to listen and discuss and where to get some help etc. It is recommended. There are more than 50 self-employed people - A totally awesome experience. I have promised you a set of speakers that I include when I come and visit your factory. After 2 years of development, they have now returned to our warehouse. What feeling Paul, as you know so well.
More love from Denmark.


Thanks. Very helpful.


Paul, any thoughts about my latest post regarding bass capabilities among the different models…?


While class D amps may be “cheap” they aren’t that cheap and I don’t think we can afford to do that. The AN3 will be a serious challenge for us to meet the projected hopeful price and here pennies will count. Plus, it isn’t just throwing in another module. While class D amps are efficient they aren’t heat free. We have to add heatsinks, metal, venting, etc. It is not an easy proposition throwing a 1.2kw amp inside a box and it is expensive.

I get where your thought processes lie but my guess is it won’t happen as you’d like.


Just a thought, is there any way to simply move the class D amp to a vented metal " black box" on the back of the speaker? (what hump?) It would be unique - maybe too much so. Seems it would lessen the cost of ventilation, etc. Just because everyone else mounts the amp on the inside…


Could do. Not quite an elegant solution but certainly possible.


Of note, I bought speakers just over 4 years ago with Class D Hypex NCores built into them. However, from the get-go, a distracting audible hum could be heard from the cabinets every time the amplifiers were powered-on. The manufacturer did not outright concede that tranformer hum was resonating through the cabinet, but the solution they offered me was to externalize the amps. I did not take them up on it and instead returned the speakers for a refund.


Yup - solution might not be feasible - elegant design is important at these price points.

Would the amp have to be attached to the speaker? Instead of running a power cable to the speaker could you run a power cable to the separate amp then connect with another cable? Same number of cables running to the speaker. Power cables are not that elegant to begin with.


That was my thought as well. Perhaps less visually elegant, and not for everybody, but I would think buyers of at least the higher end models wouldn’t be unused to external boxes of various sorts.


And if the amps were external and priced separately, all other thing being equal, it would allow customers to choose the level of bass performance no matter which model they bought. An owner of the AN2 or AN3, for example, could at least enjoy the bottom end performance of the AN1.

Of course, an external amp would require casework and connectors and yet more cables, but an interesting trade-off to consider.

Maybe PSA would consider an option to factory-customize the AN2’s with the bigger amp for an upcharge?



Excellent ideas!
350 W standard for AN3, 700 W for AN2, but with the possibility to special order 1,2kW…
Are you with us Paul…:sunglasses:


Easier said than done and it makes it less agreeable to mainstream customers. I’ll have to think about it. It’s a clever idea but one requiring cables, extra boxes and more expensive chassis. It would raise costs not lower them. It would also mean we couldn’t easily built one servo circuit, plus then there’s the built in mid bass coupler amplifier and servo that also has to be plugged in.