New PS Audio speakers?


Did you consider not having the slits for the woofer? I think seeing the full driver would be more attractive, slits looks a bit cheap to me.


I think the AN2 looks gorgeous, with the slits on the sides which may involve some cleaning issues. Or play loud and blow off dust!

I just bought a BHK250 and now I am already lusting after another pair of speakers…

It’ll blow a hole in my pension savings I am afraid. (Which make me wonder about the general age of all these PSaudio enthousiasts.)


This cabinet will certainly not sing. It is the heaviest, deadest cabinet I have ever worked with.


Paul,take it up a notch and offer a piano gloss finish [buyers choice/color option] instead of a plain jane black utilitarian finish.


The subwoofer is in its own chamber where one side is 2” thick MDF and the other walls are 1.5” thick. But, the actual baffle for the sub is the side and there you have the shiny wood trim piece bolted to the 1.5” cabinet. That side trim piece is another 2”
thick solid MDF plate and together they are close to 4” thick for the baffle. Which is why this AN3 weight is approaching 200 pounds.

The midbass coupler has its own enclosure, yes.


Thanks! I was so excited yesterday to receive them. It’s been close to a year just working on the cabinets and drivers without ever having touched a physical sample. Drivers arrive next week and we can roll our sleeves up and get working!


Me too! Once we repaint the mid sections they’ll head up to the new Music Room One and we can stuff full of drivers.


Sounds like the wood side panels will be bolted on and not removable by the customer to change to a different finish. At near 200 lbs. I would hate to have to send them back to PS Audio to change the finish.


Yes, indeed, these will be a joy to have in any room. The dimensions of the AN3 are as follows:

49” tall

10.5” wide

20” deep


We did and didn’t like the look. I am sorry they look cheap to you. In my view they are one of the prettiest design elements on the whole speaker.


You want and expect to be able to change the finish, and would contemplate sending them back to the factory to do so?


There’s a lot in the same age bracket as yourself (I am guessing). These speakers will eventually be the center piece of a number of systems and we have every intention of knocking them out of the park for our PS family members. Can’t wait!


Audiophiles concentrate in the 45 to 65 year-old range. This is true for Corvette ownership, etc. - any hobby which requires discretionary income.

And yes, there are exceptions as well as methods by which one can spend much less than average and still engage in any such hobby.


I personally would not consider sending them back to change the finish. Back in July Paul said about the prototype images: “The side dress panels are removable so we can offer different finishes.”

To me having user replaceable side panels would be a plus for marketing. If a side panel became scratched or damaged, it could be replaced. It would also allow changing the look if you change your decor.


The 'grey army ’ is rapidly growing - I planned to have my humble dream system ready at 60 - Now I will need and re-think matters: it will probably be 62 to arrive there? Aah well, there are countless worse ways to spend money. The AN2 looks great - I like the slits.


The U.S. population is greying slowly. The portion of the population that is currently at least 65 years old is roughly 14 percent, expected to reach about 20 percent by 2050.


No apologies needed, I’m sure you’re right and it must look really good in person


I hope they are user replaceable as well.

It would make me much less worried about having them in a high traffic area.


Is it wrong to hope for a ‘Rich Corinthian Leather’ finish :grin:


I don’t think the youngsters here know the reference . . .