New PS Audio speakers?


There are youngsters here?

Very nice looking indeed.


I think the term was “Soft Corinthian Leather” but I do have early onset Alzheimer’s so it could have been anything vaguely similar :thinking:


Judging from the AN3, it looks almost the equal of Arnie Nudells prototype. The AN2 looks like the equal and the AN1 must be an all out assault.
I just listened to the Magnepan 30.7s. Room was larger than mine and they were having lots of issues integrating the panels. The sound was extremely promising though but one needs a large space for the panels to breathe and blend.
I will patiently wait for the AN2 speaker. I was going to purchase 2 new subs(either the REL 212SE or Martin Logan Balance Force 212), but I’ll wait it out and see. Another speaker I want to audition is the PMC Fact Fenestria. Although they are in the extreme end of money. I do however really like their modular construction which makes it easier for transport/moving.



Could not resist another obscure reference…



I’m thinking at 45 years or even higher, you’ll need a Metal Head Edition:


“Corinthian leather” couch and “rich leather” seats. Never all of the words in the same sentence. Dang it. A mind is a terrible thing to waste and mine’s definitely wasted. :frowning_face:


He says “soft Corinthian leather” in this one @ 0:22:


I’m vindicated! Thanks!!. Now if I could just find my car keys I’d be all set…


Actually, I’d think that’s a fairly Kah-mon reference to this crowd . . . .


The panels are bolted on, that’s correct, though they are fully user swappable. Our hope is to offer a bunch of different panel options that folks can buy.


So have you abandoned the servo on the 8" or will that be reserved for the AN1 and AN2…?

Also, another +1 for having a separate LFE-input. Your old company Genesis does it, as well as already mentioned REL and others. If won’t be a sonic compromise done right, and if they can, why can’t you…:wink:…?

And somewhat related to the LFE-input, I really hope you reconsider not making any center channels (or surrounds) for this series…?
Most of us, at-least in Europe, don’t have the space for separate music/HT-systems. So please…


What sort of speaker supports (i.e. spikes) are to be used? Under my 75 pound speakers I’m using Track Audio spikes (w/footers) which have high quality threads that allow for precise adjustments for levelling and height, and have interior vibration absorption. However, they are somewhat costly (>$1K for 8). If the AN3 are to use a lower cost spike, I may want to swap them out. My basement listening room floor is somewhat uneven concrete.


„Another speaker I want to audition is the PMC Fact Fenestria“

I think this was the one I heard at the last high end show. It sounded incredibly dynamic, really good!


Great to see you put so much effort into the solid cabinet!


As far as I’ve heard, this is TBD. Right now there are high quality omnidirectional casters that let you easily move the speakers around. Once you have them in place, the casters can be locked and I believe the speakers will be lowered to rest on their base.

I don’t know if there will be threads for spikes or aftermarket footers.

Of course we are still in the early design and voicing stages, so we’re keeping an open mind on options and features.


How do the panels bolt on? It looked like Bolt heads on the inside of the cabinets so possibly into threaded inserts in the panels?
Would the user have to remove the the drivers, acoustic damping and electronics from inside the speakers to access the bolts when swapping panels?


I think that all the bolts are easily accessible. The upper portion will be open in a dipole configuration, so those are simple. There is also one more set I saw on the back that looks like it should be accessible with minimal work.

I did peer into the cabinet through the woofer slits to see if I could see any bolts internally that might cause issues and I did not see any. There is the chance there are some in there out of sight from the angle I was at, though.

I know the talks I heard regarding the speaker were that we wanted the panels to be swappable in the field so I think our team designed them with that in mind.


I think some GoldenEar models have LFE input or I am incorrect?


I can certainly see how that much HDF (correct? Not MDF?) would be dead, however, my totally “academic” assessment is that most high end speakers have substantial internal bracing. My Vandersteens are said to have extensive bracing, though Richard V. does not provide photos of the interior. More to my point, take a look at a Magico speaker cutaway, now that is one seriously braced enclosure! Regardless, I trust your decisions Paul.