New PS Audio speakers?


Not sure what you mean by splitting the LFE out 4 ways. the split would happen in your decoder / receiver. If you set other speakers to small, it would be the receiver that would let you select the crossover for each speaker, filter out the low frequencies from the speakers and redirecting those information using the single LFE connection you have from the receiver / decoder to your sub.


My surround set up has four full range speakers each with a powered sub and LFE input. My AVR only has one LFE out. If I wanted to send the LFE to each speaker I would need to split or DA the signal.


Paul you present your new speaker here for Europe. Everything else will be for fun - Respect Arni … :angry:


I sort of wish the new line of speakers would be entirely active. It’s far more logical.

However, I know they would not sell because 1) active speakers remove such a huge portion of the upgrade hobby leaving people without options for that next piece of hardware and 2) it might be poor strategy for PSA who make some of the best amplifiers.


They’re not going to fit a BHK monoblock inside the speaker. Paul painstakingly created one of the top amps in the world and the new speakers will thrive on this level of amplification.


The new PS speaker cabinet samples have just been delivered. These are for the entry level AN3 which we hope can get out the door between $10K and $12K the pair. 4-way system with AMT tweeters, AMT midrange, 8" midbass coupler, 12" servo controlled subwoofer and DSP control of both woofers.

Check out the 2" thick front baffle as well.

Thinking of redoing the bodies in an off white instead of black. Side trim pieces are removable. One in walnut, the other sample in piano black.


Ooh! Mahogany! (Remember: spousal-units like dark wood, males typically go for the light woods like oak. So keep the dark wood options open and the spouses get happier, hence, you may sell more . . . . .)



Looking real nice. I was hoping the AN2 would be in that price range, so looks like it will be higher up the food chain. My Canadian pricing will be quite a bit more due to our current exchange rate. If the front baffle is 2" thick, what is the baffle thickness where the subwoofer lies? Also will the subwoofer have it’s own enclosure or will the midbass coupler have its own enclosure along with the the ribbon mids and tweets?



If they sound as good as they look deal me in. :sunglasses:


I agree, looking very nice! I’ll bet they are going to sound fantastic. Very similar combination of drivers I’m totally enamored with… albiet in my system I’m combining sats and subs. These, or their bigger brothers, are definitely on my radar.


Beautiful Walnut with black trim/body. That is my preferred finished. That is a classic look, classy. Anxious to hear.


My vote is for no LFE input on the AN2 or AN1. Let the crossover do the work properly. To sacrifice music for HT is a bad idea for speakers of this level.


are you kiddin’ me…those puppies are beautiful!! love the natural wood and gloss finish.
might not turn the lights dim with those beauties in the room :blush:

i agree Paul, an off white would also be delightful.

can’t wait!



I’m saving for an AN2 pair! Is it too early to preorder…LOL


Thanks, guys! I spent all day with them. Petting the side, making measurements and…petting them. They have only existed in our computers. To see them here, in the “flesh” is really something extraordinary.


I’d be petting those puppies too! damn straight!!
i’m guessing there’s no ports in the back, eh Paul?



beautiful! Congrats on the progress, and can’t wait to hear and see more!


Absolutely gorgeous so far…especially the walnut.

Looking forward to getting a chance to hear the design…



Very nice looking! That is one shiny panel of walnut! I like the black bodies, so hopefully you offer both black and off-white. One other comment, looking through the mid-range opening I see what looks like a brace below the mid-bass coupler, but nothing above it. I hope there are plenty of braces in the cabinet given the sub-woofer. You don’t want the enclosure singing along with the drivers …


As a dealer, I am very excited to see these in person!

Paul, could you give us some rough physical measurements? I’d like to have an idea of how much Real Estate these take up.

Excited to see the AN2s as well, I’ve got our DS Dac and BHK Rig singing. It would be nice to have a pair of these in the room as well!