New Sprout100, first PS Audio component. Where have you guys been all my life?!

The Sprout100 arrived Thursday; ordered Monday. Thanks for the Great service James, (shipped the same day!), and very nice talking to you on the phone.
My main listening room is in the basement, (the Cavern). The rest of the house is subject to WAF (I think her position is the more time I spend under ground the better;). The rest of the house stereo is small unobtrusive speakers feeding from AirPort Expresses. The living room stereo was a Paradigm MelliniaOne CT (two very nice little satellites powered by a 50wpc class D amp in the subwoofer). Long story short (oh sorry… too late for that) a couple of weeks ago, I smelled that soldering a circuit board smell. The tweeters were 200F, but the real damage was inside the Sub. The speakers survived, but the amp was toast. Enter the Sprout100 (and a SVS SB1000).
Only on the 3rd day of burning in the Sprout100, and WOW! This morning things started to really open up! It sounded great on the first day, but with only about 20 hours burn in, the vocals have opened up, and the treble, is beautifully clear and sweet. I didn’t think these small satellites could ever sound this good. Hats off to Paul and the guys, what a wonderfully musical little amp! I’ll be spending much more time above ground, (much to her chagrin).


Welcome, NEODon!

Welcome and thanks for the report. Let us know how things progress.

Welcome NEODon - Sprout100 Nice

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Every day I have a moment of amazement with my Sprout100 connected to my Paradigm Studio Monitor 20s. They have never sounded this good. And yes…the sound from the Sprout will just get better and better.

Great story. Are you using the Sprout100 with or without bass boost enabled?