The Sprout 100 sounds huge compared to my old Sprout!

I don’t get on the forums much. Probably been several years. I got the original Sprout back in 2016 if I remember correctly. The other day I was looking for speakers to make my Sprout sound more alive with all of the vinyl I’ve been buying lately. I stumbled on “Sprout 100” somewhere and was like “What the hell? When did this come out???”. I was completely clueless that there was a new Sprout. Within the past week, I talked to someone at PS Audio, bought it, and got delivered today!

Ok, only “bad” issue…at least for now. Not sure why but my subwoofer hums now with the new Sprout 100 and can’t even get it to work.

With that bit of an issue out of the way…doesn’t matter!! Oh man, the bass boost rocks on this thing!! I’m not even getting a subwoofer or trying to get my old one to work with it. This Sprout 100 sounds insane. It doesn’t even sound like I’m listening to vinyl. Crystal clear, nice low mids, nice low end, etc. Perfect!! I liked the convenience of the original Sprout and liked the sound but now I realize that I was missing out on an optimal sound.

I have two PSB bookshelf speakers and have them mounted on stands by my TV. I’m listening to Motley Crue (a 180 gram vinyl) and I’m in heaven!! If hard rock and metal sounds this good, can’t wait to put some Queen on later. I’m so completely satisfied with this thing and want to hug all of the PS Audio employees. LOL! It is like my ears have been cleaned out. :slight_smile:

I have to mention that I’m a huge music fan and audiophile, but not to the point of some folks who spend $10,000 on a needle hand-fashioned in a village in Vietnam, etc. I love great tones but like to stay on the low end of the spending spectrum so I can blow my money on my guitars. This this is just amazing. I have only been listening for about an hour or so but definitely one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. I’m so happy I stumbled on the Sprout 100 while looking at speakers. Now I don’t need speakers or anything else. Got my PSBs and my Sprout 100!!

If anyone is on the fence, BUY IT NOW!!!


Good for you brother…! (I assumed you’re male, since you speak about audio)