The new Gold Dac

Anyone have details on this, apart from what has been written on this site? I have the SGCD and am looking for a replacement. Does it have a volume control that can be used in the same way as what I currently have (always use the remote)

According to the Operating Manual it does have volume control that can be adjusted via the remote.

I’m interested too… anyone who knows can speak… :smiley:

Yes, you can control the volume either via remote or the control ring on the front.

To anyone who is part of the Beta testing, would you care to comment on the sound quality of this DAC in their system as compared to other DACs that you’ve used? I know there are many dependencies/synergy with other components in their systems and it will be subjective. Paul is, obviously, very enthusiastic about this DAC and he’s given an opinion as to how it sounds in relation to other brands and as related to other PS Audio DACs. I’m considering purchasing it when it becomes available but feedback would be appreciated.

I had the SGCD and am testing the SG DAC and comparing it to the DSD MK2, but have only had the DSD in my system for a few days now, so am reluctant to comment there.

I can say there really is no comparison between the SGDC and the new SG DAC, which is far better. Dead quiet, precise, more open than the SGCD.

If you didn’t see Chris Brunhaver’s comments, they might be of interest.


Thanks for the quick response, rcf051. I’m sure the DSD MKII is better than the SG but it’s just out of my budget. I’m currently using a Chord Qutest but, to me, there seems to be something different about the presentation as a whole, as if the instruments and voices are lacking balance, dynamic range if you will, in relation to each other. It’s a very good DAC for the money but, to me, something just doesn’t quite sound right and as Paul always states, my feet just aren’t tapping. The Gold is within my budget, hence my interest.

Understood. I can say that using the SG Pre and DAC together during the beta for me did make for a great, fun, engaging system that drew me into my music (mostly jazz and rock/pop). If I did not have the chance to try the MK2, I would have been very happy with what I heard. Indeed, I tested the SG Pre against the BHK and preferred the SG Pre. it’s staying in my system.

As to the SG DAC, I’ve listened to it for 6 weeks now and continue to enjoy it. But with the MK2 on hand, from what I’ve heard so far I’ll be keeping the MK2.

I suggest you try out the SG DAC as that’s likely to be the only way you’ll really know if it is for your system and for you.


I just wish I had the funds for a DSD MK2 but I don’t so the SGD is the goal, unless I hit the lottery soon. Life is a set of compromises otherwise we would be bored.

I picked up a Factory Refurbished DS Mk1 and find it a large improvement over my SGCD plus I can use the bridge which the MkII doesn’t have. If there are any left at half the SG DAC price its one hell of a value,

I believe TMR inherited the balance of the refurbished inventory.

Yes, that’s where I got mine with a nice trade-in allowance.