New Stellar Phono and loud buzz on MC

I just connected my new phono in the same spot where a Ph10 and a Tom Evans Groove Srx stay usually,
and I have a very loud buzz coming from the speakers, it goes up if I change gain on the pre, it changes pitch if I change load from 100 to 200 and even switch side a little between the loads.
If I touch the headshell (a Reed tonearm) it goes up,
any idea from where to start? ( I used the same cables, power and interconnects that I use withe the other phonos and they haven’t any problems)
Thank you

Welcome, Max!

I assume you have grounded the turntable to the Stellar Phono, yes?

yes, I have grounded the arm to the phono and to the MBL pre too and is a little better, but still awful, is so loud that I cannot listen to music, it’s louder

Sorry, thank you for hailing me, I’m new to the forum and still practicing with layout, I can’t read all the lines… and I haven’t see your welcome …

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Hi Max,
Have you tried grounding it to the phono preamp only?
Ironically, my Rega turntable does not have any ground wires, yet the stellar phono preamp never sounded any hum. May be it is worth testing sans ground!?

yes, i tried, worse. and is a 100hz buzz not a hum

Welcome! Is it there without the turntable connected?

no, deadly silent

Good it’s not coming from the stellar psu. Could the TT psu be the source of the hum?

will try this evening

If your TT allows for it, you should also try some different interconnects as well. I’d also be curious if the level of noise adjusts if you play around with the loading.

No, the cable is solderd directly to the tonearm, no way.
Yes the tone and the level of the buzz changes with the loading

I had a similar problem. The solution for me was to isolate the cartridge from the tonearm, so there is no continuity between them. To test, dismount the cartridge from the arm, but keep the cartridge connected. Obviously take care to put the tip protector on.

Done, but nothing… I folded tone arm cable with aluminum foil… better but with medium Mc gain and 200 load I have whistles from the tweeters…

The buzz is gone with foil, now I have whistles and pops… like a small two strokes motor at minimum potpotpotpot
Good trade

Try reaching out to our service team, they will have some trouble shooting ideas. Also, check with your dealer as well and see if they have some ideas for what could be causing it.

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Thank you Jamesh, done. I hope that they can solve the problem.


The dealer sent me another unit, this one worked well for 6 hours. Then the remote receiver stopped working, not the remote, I have 2 because I still have the other pre.
Sincerely I’m really sad about of this kind of quality control, one is out of standard… noise and whining, and 200 ohm load is not working, the other one without remote receiver… and is very bad in an unit that you cannot use without!!!

Very frustrating. :frowning:

Sincerely I don’t feel confident anymore about the quality of the internal components. I used to European standards, MBL and Acapella, I never had a problem like this before.