New streaming service




I hope not, in any form.


If you read, that’s what Chesky will be pushing

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Could be interesting.
For me, more to be able to stream HDTs music, in FLAC/PCM. Don’t think I would care about MQA at all. I have never listened to any MQA tracks.

But isn’t HDT very late to the game of an already mature and limited market?
The kids love the Spotify. I doubt that they would switch over.
From what I can gather, audiophiles are using Tidal, Qobuz and Apple Music(?).
Is anyone using Amazon Music, Deezer or anything else?

Price will be a factor.

What happens to his Mega-Dimensional Sound™?
Maybe for another thread, but other than the samples, has anyone here purchased albums?

Be an interesting service. Lets see what they charge etc. Qobuz is great so interested to compare.

We also use Spotify but they are not making me happy with their recent money grab. Just this morning i tried to delete the newly added audio book service i did Not ask for but am billed for.
I think that worked but no confirmation. Also sounds like maybe some folks are taking a look at how they do business. Glad to see competition but they would be very hard to catch.

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Between Radio Paradise and Qobuz I have everything I need.
I am curious how many streaming services users “need” and actually use.


Radio Paradise. Hmmm. Looks kinda cool. I bet i can find it on my Hifi Rose. Thank you…

Spotify shows I listened to it 34,000 minutes last year. Almost all background but if I pay, i might as well use it

Which App - Radio Paradise or Radio Paradise FM?


Darko’s take is interesting:

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I’m only familiar with Radio Paradise. William Goldsmith, the main voice of RP, started in FM in the 70’s but I’m not aware of the station being anything other than a streaming service. I found it only because it’s native to Bluesound, but they have apps for all the favorite platforms and are on Roku.
I love it. There’s real people behind everything they do. Listener supported, human curated as they say, RP is my main non classical goto that exposed me to countless artists and music I’d never heard of.
As an example of being listener focused, the app kebob menu accompanying every track includes a link that takes you to the artist on Qobuz. They really are about the music.


Big fan of Radio Paradise as well and definitely expanded my music universe.

I’m wondering if MQA’s “new” products will be part of the new service’s marketing play?


I listen to Qobuz and Amazon HD (for the tracks not on Q and also the algorithm on Amazon seems superior when making recommendations)

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Darko suggests the answer is probably yes. He’s a fan of listening to music outside. He’s had a number of posts about the technical issues of achieving persistent high res audio when you are mobile. One of the new MQA products seems targeted at this issue. Not sure how many folks share his passion for high quality music on the go but he suggests this could be a use case for the new streaming service.

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It is a solid reason to take a shot.

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