New to me M700's

Hey gang. Just replaced my original Sprout with a set of M700’s and a Stellar Dac/Pre. Loving the setup so far. I did notice though that one of the M700’s has a grounding post and the other does not. I’ve not hooked any grounding to the post. Any need to, and if so should the other M700 have one as well. Not getting any noise off of them so best to just leave it alone and listen to music?

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This is a @jamesh question.

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I can say that both of my M700’s do not have a grounding post.
Both of my M1200’s do have a grounding post (in a different location than your M700 above)
Congrats on the SGCD & M700 combo.
The “whiz kid” will know.

Congrats on the SGCD & M700s. Nice setup. Newer Stellar power amps have ground binding posts to facilitate connecting an REL subwoofers :+1:t2: :+1:t2:. Strange you do not have one on the second unit. Early adopters received them without ground posts. Count me in.

My M700s and my M1200s both have the grounding posts. I have never used them on either pair. I’ll defer an answer to someone from PSA. I will say I have never owned amps as dead quiet as either pair. I can put my ear anywhere on the speaker when music isn’t playing and I hear absolutely nothing.

I read somewhere in the forum that early version M700 (which I have) does not have ground post.
New version adds it. Maybe for Rel sub? I do not own Rel sub, but has the impression that Rel sub might need to ground. Ground post makes it easier to made the connection.

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My M700’s do not have it either. These were bought in April 2018.

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I still have pictures of my M700’s and no grounding posts on mine either. I thought I had heard if you were running the second set of speaker cable from the amp to a subwoofer the ground may be utilized but I could be wrong. @jamesh to the rescue please.

Seems the consensus is grounding for a REL sub. Don’t see that in my future so it appears there is no issue for me. Thanks for all the feedback folks.

Next question. How do I get my wife to let me move all the furniture in the living room and pull my speakers out another 3 ft. from the wall? :grin:



That’s exactly right. A while back we made an update to all Stellar amps to have this grounding post. If you don’t have a sub to hook up using HL input, there’s no need to use it at all.

I can confirm that both of mine, purchased new together late last summer, have them.

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