Connecting Sprout100 to a sub

I currently drive the low level input of the desktop system sub from the sub output on the Sprout100. It works well and means that the bass boost is turned off automatically. On ‘idealogical’ grounds I would prefer to use a high level connection from the speaker terminals. However the sub high level connection is the normal 3 wire left, right and single ground. Since the Sprout is a class D amp the speaker return posts are probably on independent circuits and not grounded. Does the advice given for the Stellar, to connect the sub ground wire to the case, apply here or will it either not work or generate an expensive puff of smoke?

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Same principle applies - feel free to use the grounding post on the back of Sprout100 for this purpose.

Should work for you just fine :grin:

And just to put it out there - even were something to go catastrophically wrong (which definitely would take some effort on your part to turn the Sprout100 into a puff of smoke), we have you covered under warranty - no need to fret.

Thanks for the prompt response, particularly since it was the one I was hoping for. Warranties are nice, but even if there is no financial penalty there would be a period when the absence of the unit would threaten my equilibrium and well being. I console myself with the fact that I have a $40 chip amp to press into service in emergencies. I would like to put a smiley here but I cannot find one which expresses the right conflict of values and moral ambiguity.

Ah, that’s much clearer, and an issue I can relate to. I’m not one for having a lot of stuff, yet somehow I’ve ended up with 2 separate speaker systems and several pairs of headphones.

I like to use the method espoused by Marie Kondo when deciding whether or not to keep something - simply, does it spark joy. And with audio gear the answer is almost always yes, somehow :upside_down_face:

ALMOST always?

Haha yeah, I managed to part with my S300 when I got the M700s. That’s the only instance that comes to mind.

I am really bad about that. “So, sure this new component smokes the old one, but I’ll hold onto it in case I have a friend who needs one, then I can give it to them.”

I don’t know WHAT I’m gonna do with my LS50s if I ever get those Magnepans, or God willing, those Focals…

It took some self control to part with the S300, that’s for sure. “It’s a great amp, I’ll find a use for it someday!”

Just added another piece to the audio family last night - got a pair of Focal Elears and they’re absolutely brilliant.

Fortunately LS50s are quite easy to move about and find a home for if/when you make the upgrade :grin:

I’ve heard they are great. For now, I’ve got my Senn HD 600s and a pair of Massdrop Hifiman planar magnetics, but maybe someday.

The Focals…I understand they sound great, and I wouldn’t consider them if they didn’t. But, God, I love the look of them right now. The colors of the Kanta series just speak to me. Sadly the price shouts at me now “NOOOOOO!”

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